Judo Technical Course in Luanda, 25 coaches attended a level 2

Jan 23, 2012: Judo Technical Course, The technical course started on 19th and ended on 29th December 2011. It was conducted by Alain MASSART, an appointed IJF expert from Portugal. The content of the course was very consistent. The teaching points focused on the following items:

-Organization chart of standing judo

-Positioning exercises of the backbone

-Judo and protection of the backbone

-Basic notions of aerobic, anaerobic lactic, anaerobic a lactic, energy metabolism

-Dominant energy requests in judo

-Judo training for health, the effect of training for strength and the aerobic training exercises

-Consolidation exercises of the trunk to crawl

-Consolidation exercises of the scapular belt

-Exercises of the knee joint

-Methodology of the aerobic and anaerobic training

-Exercises on the ground mobility

-Educational principles related to judo teaching

-History and development principles of judo

-Basic techniques and katame no kata

-Basic techniques of nage no kata

The participants showed great interest to the theoretical and practical sessions. They were really eager to learn. It is worth noting the good media coverage of this training activity. All the coaches received a participation certificate during the closing ceremony which was attended by the National Olympic Committee representatives as well as leaders of the Angola Judo Federation.


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