Team Spirit Flies over in 27th Summer Universiade

Kazan, July 12, 2013: As it has become a tradition, the last day of competition at the Universiade was dedicated to the team event. Thus 22 teams for men and 14 for women were chasing a Universiade title. Once again, the competition attracted a large audience, which boosted the atmosphere within the Tatneft Arena. In fact, the team event is a special moment.


Only competitors who participated in the individual competition can take part. So called ‘smaller teams’ can hope to reach the podium, even if they are not among the favorites. The best squads might not be able to initiate good team spirit. The local team can count on one extra member of the team: the public. All this creates an event which totally fits with the Universiade spirit and which perfectly concludes a week of competition.

WOMEN: Korea Maintains the Suspense until the End


Team Poland believed until the end that they would create a surprise by winning the women’s team competition of the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan. Surprisingly qualified for the final, having defeated team Russian, who was playing in front of their home crowd, in the semifinal, the Polish athletes were leading 2-0 before Korea woke up and got back on track to win the last three fights, giving no chance to Poland. Nevertheless, both teams were happy – of course Korea, for its great performance that concluded a very successful week and Poland, because in the morning nobody would have imagined that the Polish girls could be in the final. But that is what team competition is all about: outsiders can become favorites and favorites can be early losers.

The first bronze medal went to France, after the French girls, led by Serge Dyot and Darcel Yandzi, stumbled in the semifinals due to a lack of commitment and combativeness against the Koreans, the future winners of the event. Remotivated by the staff and strongly supported by their teammates, the French were able to recover and to win against Brazil (4 to 1). In the first round, the Brazilian fighters surprised everybody by defeating Japan. In the second match for the bronze medal, Russia finally won against Egypt which had lost against Poland during the preliminary rounds.

Final: Korea 3/22 – Poland 2/20

Semi-Finals: Korea 3/20 – France 2/11, Russia 2/20 – Poland 3/30

Bronze Medal Fights: France 4/35 – Brazil 1/7, Russia 4/40 – Egypt 1/10

Final Results: 1 Korea. 2 POLAND. 3 France. 3 Russia. 5 BRAZIL. 5 EGYPT. 7 Germany. 7 CHINESE TAIPEI

MEN: Japan Reaches the Top

Team Japan did not give any chance to its opponents during the preliminary rounds and until the semi-final, the Japanese athletes won all their matches by five victories to zero, successively against Brazil, Germany and Russia. But the final offered more suspense when just before the last fight between MOMOSE Masaru (JPN), winner of the Judo Grand Prix, Düsseldorf 2013, and KIM Sung Min, winner of the Judo Grand Slam, Tokyo 2012, both teams had 2 victories each. An impressive fight began between the two colossus. Momose was rapidly sanctioned for passivity. Probably remembering his lost final from the open category where he was also leading by waza-ari and was then sanctioned four times for hansokumake, he attacked with a precise o-soto-gari, and took the lead of the fight. Keeping his advantage until the end of the final combat of the day and of the competition, he exploded with joy together with his teammates.

The first bronze medal went to Brazil, which defeated the home team of Russia without any difficulties. The second bronze medal was won by team Hungary led by Attila Ungvari, who finished fifth place in the individual tournament and who this time did not let Poland win a second medal in the team event, after the ladies’ performance.

Final: Japan 3/16 – Korea 2/17

Semi-Finals: Japan 5/45 – Russia 0/0, Poland 1/1 – Korea 4/40

Bronze Medal Fights: Russia 2/20 – Brazil 3/30, Poland 2/20 – Hungary 3/21

Final Results: 1 JAPAN. 2 Korea. 3 BRAZIL. 3 HUNGARY. 5 Russia. 5 POLAND. 7 Germany. 7 KYRGYZSTAN

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