Judo for Peace Seminar – Level 1 Invitation

From June 16th to 18, 2012, the IJF and the Judo for Peace commission will organize a level 1 Judo for Peace seminar in Dramen, Norway. “As the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano, stated: ‘I believe that world peace and the welfare of humankind must be realized through the spirit that judo brings about’. In the IJF, we strongly believe in that. Judo Peace Seminar

Since 2007, the IJF has developed the World Judo Tour, which concerns thousands of judoka and even more judo fans around the world. Everything is simpler to understand (the world ranking list) and the olympic qualification system is fairer. But beyond the sport aspects, for several years, the IJF has been developing the human and social dimension of judo (Judo for Peace, Judo for Children…), which makes our federation one of the most dynamic organizations in the world in the field of sport development.

Next June, the IJF and the Judo for Peace commission, under the leadership of its Director, Jan Eirik Schiotz, will organize the IJF Judo for Peace seminar, level one, in Dramen, Norway. I kindly invite you to take part in that seminar where the judo philosophy, the human rights values, the positive conflict resolution and the project management will be some of the topics that will be discussed with the best experts.

Judo being ‘the highest application of mind and body’ (Jigoro Kano), the IJF will continue in the future to jointly develop the sport dimension as well as the social dimension of our sport.” Explained Mr. Vizer, the IJF President, in the welcome word of the invitation that has been sent to all the National Federations.


Participants will have completed the entire education system, consist of 3 levels, will be able to plan and lead the reconciliation and social program. By completing Level 1 of the educational system, par- ticipants will be able to provide national associations with valuable knowledge to facilitate the reconci- liation of social and creative activities

Level I: fundamental education program. Seminar program includes topics related to:

• Judo philosophy

• Human rights

• Positive conflict resolution

• Project management

The program is established as follows:


Friday 15th of June: Arrival of participants

Saturday 16th of June: Opening ceremony

Peace and sport

Framework for Sport for Development and Peace

Representative from United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace

Human rights

Address from United Nations Office for High Commissioner for Human Rights

Why a course in human rights and peaceful conflict resolution for judo instructors?

Jan Eirik Schiotz, head director IJF Judo for Peace Commission

The philosophy and value based foundation of judo – Jan Eirik Schiotz

The normative base of international human rights

1: The new planet. Group work with presentations in plenum

2: The history of human rights: Human dignity and respect for the other: from Babylon through antiquity and the age of enlightenment to present day human rights discourse.

3: The international human rights system: positive results, challenges and dilemmas

4: Dialogue as a conflict solving mechanism

5: Exercise on dialogue All topic covered by Lillian Hjort and Lars Petter Soltvedt

Sunday 17th of June

09.00 Start of the day’s program

1: Minorities at risk? The potential for conflict and the response of the international community through resolution, declaration and convention.

2: What does human rights have to do with me? What can we do in our work as judo instructors and citizens?

3: Making figures: how we all influence each other all topic covered by Lillian Hjort and Lars Petter Soltvedt

4: Judo as a mental and physical tool in peaceful conflict resolution o Judo values and personal development of persons as conflict mediators o How to combine mental and physical skills to reduce the level and intensity of interpersonal conflict

• Evaluation of the situation

• Decision making procedures

• How to communicate

• Use of physical support

Jan Eirik Schiotz and Frederic Barthelemy

Monday 18th of June

09.00 Start of the day’s program

1. Judo philosophy, Fundament and tool for peace, reconciliation and social responsibility Jan Eirik Schiotz

2. Experience from field operation Frederic Barthelemy, assistant director Judo for Peace Commission

3. Project management

4. Building mental strength through judo a. Mental capability as a tool for peace and positive conflict resolution – Jan Eirik Schiotz b. Practical exercises on tatami – Frederic Barthelemy

5. Exercise and examination

19.00 End of program – closing ceremony

Tuesday 19th of June: Departure

Judo Peace Seminar Judo Peace Seminar Judo Peace Seminar Judo Peace Seminar Judo Peace Seminar

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