Judo Grand Prix, Ulaanbaatar 2013

The opening day of the first Judo Grand Prix in Mongolia was a thrilling spectacle as the host organisation and world-class field of judoka provided a memorable start to the competition at the Buyant Ukhaa Sport Complex on Saturday. Seven weight categories were in action as the women’s -48kg, -52kg, -57kg and -63kg categories and the men’s -60kg, -66kg and -73kg categories all took to the tatami.

The host nation produced an inspired day of judo to mark the country’s first World Judo Tour event in style. Mongolia were represented in all seven gold medal contests including three mouth-watering all-Mongolian finals.

During the opening ceremony Mr. Khaltmaa BATTULGA, Mongolian Judo Association President, said: “It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to Mongolia and our capital city of Ulaanbaatar. I think it is fitting that we host and celebrate this judo event alongside our national Naadam Festival. Judo is a wonderful sport which develops character and is available for everyone to take part in. May your time in Mongolia be memorable and I wish good luck to the athletes.”

Mr. Naser Al-Tameemi, IJF General Treasurer, said: “I would like to thank the Mongolian Judo Association for all their hard work. I wish good luck to all the judoka and declare the event open.”

Mr. Mr. Naser Al-Tameemi presented a gold plaque to the Mongolian Judo Association as recognition for hosting their first World Judo Tour event.

The distinguished officials on the stage made way for a pulse-pounding display on the tatami which included traditional Mongolian dancing, a group of young judoka who demonstrated an array of tachi-waza techniques such as ippon seoi-nage and a highly-talented group of female gymnasts who left the crowd in awe with some breathtaking bodyweight moves.

WOMEN: -48kg: Magical MUNKHBAT opens Mongolia medal-rush:

The first final of the day was an intriguing all-Mongolian affair as world number 10 Urantsetseg MUNKHBAT (MGL) went toe-to-toe against Baku Grand Slam silver medallist Otgontsetseg GALBADRAKH (MGL). 21-year-old GALBADRAKH gave a stellar account of herself against the Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist MUNKHBAT and illustrated that the younger judoka is making up ground on her teammate after losing out by a single shido.

The first bronze medal went to Dolgorjav MAGSARJAV (MGL) who showed her strength as she stormed past teammate Altantsetseg BATSUKH (MGL) by osaekomi in 54 seconds. The second bronze medal was won by LEE Seyoung (KOR) who resourcefully adjusted into an osaekomi after failing to submit former South East Asian Championship bronze medallist LUI Wing Yin (HKG) with a string of juji-gatame attempts.

-52kg: Teeenager PARK wins top prize for Korea

Teenage star PARK Da Sol (KOR) stunned world number five Tsolmon ADIYASAMBUU (MGL) and the home crowd in the -52kg final. Baku Grand Slam silver medallist ADIYASAMBUU received two shido penalties and was unable to break the resolve of teak-tough 17-year-old PARK who stamped her name on the World Judo Tour with a performance that will be noted by the elite judoka in the -52kg field.

The first bronze medal was won by Asian Championship silver medallist Bat-Erdene BALJINNYAM (MGL) who dominated TSUI Shuk Ki (HKG). BALJINNYAM sealed victory by waza-ari-awasette-ippon by throwing TSUI with a harai-makikomi. The second bronze medal contest pitted compatriots and 2012 Ulaanbaatar World Cup bronze medallists Saranzaya GANBAATAR (MGL) and Azzaya CHINTOGTOKH (MGL) against each other. CHINTOGTOKH emerged triumphant as she caught her teammate with a ko-uchi-gari for a yuko score.

Final Results

1. PARK, Da Sol (KOR)


3. BALJINNYAM, Bat-Erdene (MGL)


5. TSUI, Shuk Ki (HKG)

5. GANBAATAR, Saranzaya (MGL)


-57kg: Dominant DORJSUREN prevails

World number two Sumiya DORJSUREN (MGL), winner of the World Judo Masters in May, swept past world number 14 KIM Jan-Di (KOR) in the -57kg final. The rampant host nation savoured the top prize in the category as the highly-popular DORJSUREN prevailed by ippon after two minutes as KIM failed to ask any questions of her accomplished rival.

The first bronze medal was clinched by Narantuya BAZARRAGCHAA (MGL) who threw two-time Hong Kong International bronze medallist KWOK Kit Fong (HKG) for ippon with a thunderous uchi-mata. The second bronze medal also went to the hosts as teenager and former Hong Kong International runner-up Batzul ALTAI (MGL) powered past Kyrgyzstan national champion Gulzhaz SAIIMOVA (KGZ) in a defiant display. ALTAI edged ahead as a drop seoi-nage yielded a yuko and doubled her advantage with an ouchi-gari which completed the scoring.

Final Results

1. DORJSUREN, Sumiya (MGL)

2. KIM, Jan-Di (KOR)

3. BAZARRAGCHAA, Narantuya (MGL)

3. ALTAI, Batzul (MGL)

5. KWOK, Kit Fong (HKG)

5. SAIIMOVA, Gulzhaz (KGZ)

7. ERDENEBAATAR, Enkhubuyan (MGL)

-63kg: TSEND-AYUSH adds to Mongolian celebrations

Asian Championship bronze medallist Tserennadmid TSEND-AYUSH (MGL) defeated former Jeju World Cup bronze medallist YOU Jeyoung (KOR) to clinch further success for Mongolia. The 23-year-old won her first Grand Prix title with a hard-fought effort against a durable YOU. TSEND-AYUSH turned in at speed to lift YOU up and over with an uchi-mata for a waza-ari which proved decisive

The first bronze medal was won by world number 22 Mungunchimeg BALDORJ (MGL) who proved too much for her teenage compatriot Saranzul AMGALAN (MGL). BALDORJ took a commanding lead with a waza-ari and sprung into ne-waza to hold down AMGALAN with a mune-gatame and such was the pressure applied her young opponent elected to submit. The second bronze medal was won by Pan American Championship bronze medallist Hannah MARTIN (USA) who outworked the vastly experienced three-time Asian Championship bronze medallist Battugs TUMEN-OD (MGL). Top seed MARTIN confidently attacked and transitioned into osaekomi-waza after throwing her opponent who was powerless as she tried to escape the kuzure-kesa-gatame hold.

Final Results

1. TSEND-AYUSH, Tserennadmid (MGL)

2. YOU, Jeyoung (KOR)

3. BALDORJ, Mungunchimeg (MGL)

3. MARTIN, Hannah (USA)

5. AMGALAN, Saranzul (MGL)

5. TUMEN-OD, Battugs (MGL)

7. LEUNG, Po Sum (HKG)

MEN: -60kg: Golden GANBAAT outguns rivals


World number five Boldbaatar GANBAT (MGL) overcome world number three Amartuvshin DASHDAVAA (MGL) in an absorbing -60kg final. World Judo Masters silver medallist GANBAT was the toast of the home crowd as he topped the category which was teeming with world-class Mongolian judoka. GANBAT issued a statement to his -60kg rivals as he threw DASHDAVAA with a drop seoi-nage to win by waza-ari-awasette-ippon.

The first bronze medal went to Miami Grand Prix winner Kherlen GANBOLD (MGL) who produced a measured display against former Uzbekistan National Cup winner Sharafuddin LUTFILLAEV (UZB) to earn a second successive appearance on a Grand Prix medal podium. GANBOLD was rarely threatened as he protected a waza-ari advantage from an ouchi-gari to win bronze in front of his home crowd. The second bronze medal was clinched by KAWANO Ryota (JPN) who stopped a Mongolian clean sweep in the -60kg category after Warsaw European Open bronze medallist Boldbaatar CHIMED-YONDON (MGL) received hansoku-make for gripping below the belt.

Final Results

1. GANBAT, Boldbaatar (MGL)

2. DASHDAVAA, Amartuvshin (MGL)

3. GANBOLD, Kherlen (MGL)

3. KAWANO, Ryota (JPN)

5. LUTFILLAEV, Sharafuddin (UZB)

5. CHIMED-YONDON, Boldbaatar (MGL)

7. BAO, Zhihua (CHN)

7. ARSHANSKI, Artiom (ISR)

-66kg: SANJAASUREN stuns world leader DAVAADORJ on his way to glory

World Judo Masters winner Miyaragchaa SANJAASUREN (MGL) was in inspired form on home soil as he won -66kg gold. SANJAASUREN had the measure of world number one Tumurkhuleg DAVAADORJ (MGL) in the semi-final and was at his best again in the final against London 2012 Olympic bronze medallist CHO Jun-Ho (KOR). SANJAASUREN opened the scoring with a tomoe-nage earning a yuko and pounced once again to throw CHO with a yoko-otoshi for ippon.

The first bronze medal was won by world number nine Golan POLLACK (ISR) who was awarded a yuko for a ko-soto-gake counter against Rifat RAKHMATULLAYEV (UZB). POLLACK received three shido penalties while his opponent received two but ultimately the Israeli judoka triumphed from the only score of the contest. The second bronze medal was won by world number one DAVAADORJ (MGL) as Sarajevo European Cup winner Maxim KUZNETSOV (RUS) ran out of ideas against his much-admired rival. KUZNETSOV received four shido penalties to receive hansoku-make as gold medal favourite DAVAADORJ had to settle for bronze.

Final Results

1. SANJAASUREN, Miyaragchaa (MGL)

2. CHO, Jun-Ho (KOR)

3. POLLACK, Golan (ISR)

3. DAVAADORJ, Tumurkhuleg (MGL)



7. CHUI, Yiu Leung (HKG)


-73kg: Superb SAINJARGAL defeats KHASHBAATAR in thriller

London 2012 Olympic bronze medallist Nyam-Ochir SAINJARGAL (MGL) met Athens 2004 Olympic bronze medallist Tsagaanbaatar KHASHBAATAR (MGL) in a pulsating -73kg final. KHASHBAATAR, Mongolia’s first world champion, was second best in the final against world leader SAINJARGAL (MGL) who underlined his domestic superiority in explosive fashion. A yuko for SAINJARGAL was followed up with a sublime piece of sutemi-waza as the favourite fired KHASHBAATAR over onto his back for ippon.

The first bronze medal was won by former Paris Grand Slam winner KIM Joo-Jin (KOR) who showed his class with a variety of attacks including a tomoe-nage for yuko and a match-winning yuko-guruma against Dastan YKYBAYEV (KAZ). The second bronze medal went to Baku Grand Slam runner-up Victor SCVORTOV (UAE) who, having fallen behind by a yuko score from an osoto-gari, showed his version of the technique to greater effect as he emphatically threw world number 20 Odbayar GANBAATAR (MGL) for ippon.

Final Results

1. SAINJARGAL, Nyam-Ochir (MGL)

2. KHASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar (MGL)

3. KIM, Joo-Jin (KOR)

3. SCVORTOV, Victor (UAE)

5. YKYBAYEV, Dastan (KAZ)

5. GANBAATAR, Odbayar (MGL)

7. MUKI, Sagi (ISR)

7. ERI, Hemubatu (CHN)

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