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AIBA will provide financial and methodological assistance to develop the boxing potential of Africa

Lausanne, February 06, 2021: AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev came for an official visit to Africa to take part in the AIBA Virtual Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kremlev met with representatives of the Ministry of Sports of Kenya, National Olympic Committee of Kenya and the President of Kenyan Boxing Federation Anthony Otieno Ombok, as well as with African Boxing Confederation (AFBC) President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane who supported boxing development ideas.

‘I am really happy to be in Africa, on the continent which has great potential for boxing development.

There are a lot of talented boxers here, and we need to create the proper conditions for them to ensure they can show their best results. AIBA will provide help and support.

All AIBA countries are important for us, and boxing development everywhere is our priority,’ Kremlev claimed.

‘Africa has a unique history of boxing, there were 8 Olympic champions and 4 world champions on the continent. I am confident that African boxers can perform even better. We will do everything possible to ensure they can show their best at the international level,’ AIBA President said.

‘I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and dedication of Kenyan Boxing Federation’s work.

The support of the national federation is very important for boxers, and they are not left alone here.

In turn, AIBA will help the development of boxing in the country,’ Kremlev concluded.

Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Sports of Kenya Mr. Joe Okudo said that they had a good discussion on the sports development.

‘We had a good discussion of the development of boxing in the country and on the continent. We talked about the possibility of opening an international boxing gym in the country, so that not only athletes could train, but also we can organize education programs for referees and judges, for coaches, cutmen and ringside doctors’ said Okudo.

The AIBA President added that on Sunday he will go to see the site for the construction of the future boxing gym.

We will make a plan for the development of the sport in the country to make sure boxing becomes the number one sport in Kenya. The next time I come to the country, the gym will already be opened. We also will help Kenyan boxers with necessary equipment. We plan to hold one of the tournaments in Kenya, which will unite all Africa. In addition to medals, boxers will receive financial rewards on it,’ said the AIBA President. —- AIBA

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