Dr Jean-Marie Ayer appointed as SG of WTF

The WTF is pleased to announce that Dr Jean-Marie Ayer has been appointed as Secretary General of the World Taekwondo Federation. Dr. Ayer’s resume is adorned with significant leadership experience in both finance and administrative management with large international organizations.

He received his PhD in Economics from Fribourg, Switzerland. He served as Chief Financial Officer at ABB Power Generation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and as Vice President of Swisscom International in Bern, Switzerland.

Having served as Director of the WTF Lausanne Office for the past six years, Dr. Ayer brings a respected background and knowledge in the sport community. Being no stranger to the sport world, his deep understanding of its operations will help to bolster the WTF’s good governance practices.

It will also aid in strengthening relations with other sport organizations. Dr. Ayer’s firsthand knowledge in New Media and Information Technology has already helped the WTF to revolutionize competitions with the establishment of instant video replay and the Taekwondo TV that allows for broadcast coverage in new media format.

Furthermore, his background in technology will enhance the implementation of the WTF Global Membership System that will compile a sophisticated database of all WTF taekwondo competitors and practitioners around the world.

Dr. Ayer replaces Jin Suk Yang whom, after 5 years of distinguished service to the WTF and the taekwondo family as Secretary General, will take the helm as Chairman of the WTF Academy. Dr. Ayer’s appointment takes effect as of February 14, 2012.

Contact: Mr. Seok Jae Kang, Deputy Secretary General for Public Relations

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