Coaches, Women’s and Competitions Committees met first time in Poland

Poland, April 21, 2021: Coaches Committee, Women’s Committee and Competitions Committee organized on Tuesday their first hybrid meetings, where part of the groups were present online.

Coaches Committee

Lead by Ervin Kade, the Coaches Committee met to discuss various important questions. Safety in boxing, development of the digital scoring system and world ranking system were among them.

As it was mentioned, courses and educational programs for coaches need to be improved together with the opportunity to start e-learning system.

There was a plan to create Code of Conduct for coaches and update Coaching manual. Fitness and the new competition formats for non-competitive athletes also discussed.

‘Our main target is to promote coaching, support the foundation of hall of fame for coaches and athletes. As well as develop coaches certification and e-learning system. Development of the new coaches courses, such as course for seconds, personal trainers, boxing instructors, personal trainers. That’s for a start,’ Kade said.

The next meeting of the Coaches Committee plans for May, 2021.
Women’s Committee

AIBA Women’s Aspire Program was a key point of discussion at the Women’s Committee meeting in Kielce. It aims to promote, support and develop women in boxing to help them reach their potential.

The idea is to increase the number of qualified AIBA Women Coaches, R&J’s and ITO’s and organize courses for them, to offer a development opportunity for National Federation’s boxers to be training by AIBA Coaches.

The Role Models presence and general visibility of women in AIBA should reach by actions, including coverage in social media. Training camps for women with qualified specialists should establish.

The Chairperson of the Women’s Committee Amanda Coulson commented on the fruitful meeting.

‘I was delighted to have 12 out of our 14 members in attendance in person and virtually for our first AIBA Women’s Committee meeting.

The knowledge, experience, expertise and passion that these committee members bring, I hope, will have a great impact on bridging the gap for gender equality.

Some amazing suggestions and ideas discussed today brings me confidence that this Committee can really make a difference.

This is just the start of our journey and we want to collaborate with as many people as possible to help promote, develop and grow women in boxing at all levels,’ Coulson said.

The next meeting of the Women’s Committee will hold on May 10th, 2021.

Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee meeting in Kielce was led by the Chairperson, Michael Müller. He claimed that the Committee started its work successfully.

‘The AIBA Competitions Committee hold his first joint meeting here in Kielce with 5 members in present and some of them via zoom.

Also, the AIBA General Secretary István Kovács was able to participate at our first meeting. One of the main agenda points was the lifting of the suspension of AIBA by the IOC.

For this, we need to restructure and renew the education program and process for AIBA ITO’s, R&J’s, coaches and cutmen, as one of the main tasks.

It is also necessary to develop the Rule 20 (Bout Review) as well as to examine the principle of the second chance in boxing.

It is our task to ensure that together we are able to offer a fair and transparent work of all AIBA officials (ITO’s and R&J’s) on all competitions worldwide,’ claimed Müller.

The plan of the introduction of an Ombudsman and the establishment of a whistle-blower hotline in addition to the compliance hotline of AIBA was discussed, as well as a complete renovation of the Educational program of AIBA.

The Committee plans to revise the Bidding Book and improve the bidding process for major AIBA tournaments. —- AIBA

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