Cage Warriors introduces SAFE MMA for international events

By Izzy Carnwath, London, March 10, 2019: Safe MMA founding promoter, Cage Warriors introduces, has introduced Safe MMA medical preclearance for tonight’s Cage Warriors 103 in Denmark.

This has seen the promoter implement the charity’s, third-party vetting services for the first time outside the UK and Ireland, as well as its Mark 3 requirement for brain scans and specialist eye tests, alongside blood tests and medical examinations.

All fourteen professional fighters on the card have confirmed as meeting the standard.

Cage Warriors introduces President, Graham Boylan, commented:

“As a founding member Cage Warriors has committed to Safe MMA ever since its inception in 2012.

As we enter the third year of ensuring that our UK and Irish events have mandatory brain scans for professional athletes, I felt now the time to extend this program to our international events.

CW 103 will be one of our biggest events to-date, taking place at a sold-out K.B Hallen in Denmark.

“I felt it was important to make sure that all our athletes vetted to the Safe MMA Mark 3 standard (a standard that is higher than that required by the local governing body), a standard that we will be keeping for all Cage Warriors events.

“This event has received widespread media coverage in the Danish media, featuring an Olympian medal-winning local star in Mark O. Madsen and two world title fights.”

Safe MMA Trustee, Marc Goddard, said:

“I commend the outstanding work and commitment to integrity that has been demonstrated by Cage Warriors in implementing the higher safety level for this event, as they continue to prioritise duty of care to the athlete.”

For more information about Cage Warriors or tickets to either of tonight’s shows, please visit

For more information about the pre-clearance of competitors for Cage Warriors 103, see Safe MMA’s public notice HERE.

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