World Judo Championships Cadets 2019 – The Future is now

Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 24, 2019: They are the champions of tomorrow. They are the future heroes who will sign autographs, grant interviews and be covered with glory (Cadets Judo Championships 2019).

They are the aspirants to everything, the young promises, and they are in Kazakhstan to see if they really have the capacities.

From Wednesday September 25th on, Almaty will celebrate the World Judo Championships Cadets 2019, that is, until the age of 18.

A universal tournament is an important issue and, therefore, everything is organized professionally, for two reasons.

First, because the International Judo Federation takes things seriously. Secondly, because it also helps young people to make contact with reality and get as soon as possible an anticipation of what awaits them.

In the draw, held on Tuesday, everyone was able to evaluate the professionalism of the organization. The IJF Head Sport Director, Vladimir Barta, emphasized “the importance of such a competition.

Since the Youth Olylmpic Games exist, this world tournament is even more indispensable for the preparation of young people”.

An importance also underlined by the president of the Sports and Physical Culture Committee of Kazakhstan, Serik Sapiyev:

“It is a vital tournament and we are proud to organize it in our country, famous for its hospitality. You are all welcome and I wish you all good luck”.

All are the athletes, represented during the draw by their coaches.

And, since it is therefore a step towards maturity, everything has been done according to the future.

For starters, there is a modern stadium, the Baluan Sholak Sport Hall, with three tatamis, a television coverage, sponsors and cash prizes totaling $ 100,000.

There are also professional referees, their supervisors and sports directors of the International Federation.

The entire infrastructure of the World Judo Tour has put at the service of young people.

It is their moment, starting Wednesday at 10 am Almaty time and, for five days, the cadets will really compete, the training is over.

There are 464 judoka, 256 men and 208 women.

There 61 countries represented, 16 categories and, on Sunday, the team competition in which 13 nations will participate and which will conclude the event.

When we talk about the future and the mandatory toll that this tournament means, we don’t joke. Let’s take Lasha Bekauri as an example.

The Georgian now 19 years old and, last Sunday, finished fifth in the Tashkent Grand Prix, belonging to the World Judo Tour.

Before getting there, Bekauri was learning thanks to the different competitions reserved for young people. In 2017 he was cadet World champion and, a year later, repeated at the junior level.

In Tashkent, his first event among the elite, Bekauri already had the minimum experience necessary to measure himself to the crème de la crème of judo. He finished fifth, very close to the medals.

His first result, which inspires a lot of confidence for the future, would not have been possible without his passing through international tournaments in the lower categories.

For all this, Almaty is, from today until Sunday, the epicenter of judo. The icing on the cake will be the presence in the stands of the President of the International Judo Federation, Marius Vizer because, as we said, this is about the next generation, a very serious matter.


Wednesday 25 September
W: -40kg, -44kg | M: -50kg, -55kg
Preliminary rounds – 10:00
Final Block – 16:00

Thursday 26 September
W: -48kg, -52kg | M: -60kg, -66kg
Preliminary rounds – 10:00
Final Block – 16:00

Friday 27 September
W: -57kg, -63kg | M: -73kg, -81kg
Preliminary rounds – 10:00
Final Block – 16:00

Saturday 28 September
W: -70kg, +70kg | M: -90kg, +90kg
Preliminary rounds – 10:00
Final Block – 16:00

Sunday 29 September
Mixed team. —- IJF

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