Bubba Jenkins launches

Champion Bubba Jenkins launches scathing attack on ‘villain’ Lucas Mineiro ahead of BRAVE 24

Bahrain, July 20, 2019: Featherweight world champion Bubba Jenkins launches has kept quiet during his preparation for the historic BRAVE 24: London, set to take place at the Copper Box Arena, on July 25th.

After letting his challenger Lucas “Mineiro” Martins do the majority of the talking, Bubba Jenkins launches has finally decided to speak up.

And the champ has launched an extraordinary attack on his future foe, calling him a villain and referring to himself as “the hero the people need”.

He has also compared himself to a king and claimed Lucas could “climb the mountain” all he wanted, and he would still be the champion.

“People watch movies, and they look for the hero, they look for the villain, not understanding that some of these heroes placed in that position just by straight-up destiny and that some of these villains chose that.

This villain chose to come after me, knowing that I am the hero of my division, knowing that I am the king.

I sit at the top seat, the highest seat only holds one, so he can continue being the villain, climbing the mountain after me.

And I’ll continue to reign”, exclaimed Jenkins.

But if he comes for war, wanting more, he counts the lights, and snores in four”, says Jenkins.

BRAVE 24: London an special event, for an exclusive crowd, filled with dignitaries, businessmen, influencers, and celebrities.

The fastest-growing promotion in the world will look to connect the highest level of personalities to mixed martial arts, with the goal of empowering the sport and elevating it to a higher standard. —- BRAVE FC

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