A Coaching Course held in the City of Sucre

Surce – Bolivia, August 28, 2012: 10 women and 16 men were in attendance for a one week level one technical course for coaches in Bolivia. This training course which was conducted by Hector NACIMIENTO, a 5th Dan IJF expert from Spain, was of great benefit for the articipants. The following teaching items were reviewed by the attendees:

• Methodological principals applied to judo

• Pedagogy applied to judo

• Explanation of the different systems of force development

• Example of physical tests battery for under 15 and under 17 judokas

• Initiation to the study of lactic acid and its application to judo

• Judo practice of Ne Waza and Tachi Waza, through methodological progressions

• Beginning of the study rivals through video

• Judo evaluation through data sheets

The expert said that the attendees were really motivated and eager to learn. The planned objectives were thoroughly achieved. A theoretical and practical assessment was organized at the end of the course. During the coaching course teaching material was used: videos and power point presentations. Mr Nacimiento was very grateful for the National Olympic Committee and National Judo Federation of Bolivia for all the support and assistance. The participants all received a certificate at the end of the course on 24th June 2012. —- IJF

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