Inter Provincial Judo Championships 2013

Peshawar – Pakistan, Mar 2, 2013: Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) has decided to hold the 3rd Junior National and 4TH Inter Provincial Judo Championships 2013 (Men) which would commenced from 21ST to 24th March-2013 at Mini Sports Complex, Nizamabad, Karachi.

According to PJF, the Championships will be contested in -40Kg, -45Kg, -50Kg, -55Kg, -60Kg, -66Kg,-73Kg, -81Kg and Open weight categories.

This will give a chance to the young and talented participants to come forward and possibly to brighten the names of their departments from which the top 13 Teams are participating in these championships from all over Pakistan which are:

1. Khyber Pakhtun khwa. 2. Punjab. 3. FATA. 4. Pakistan Army. 5. Pakistan Railway. 6. Pakistan Air Force. 7. Sindh. 8. Baluchistan. 9. Islamabad. 10. Pakistan WAPDA. 11. Pakistan Police. 12. Pakistan Navy. 13. H.E.C

And each team will show their talent, experience and thrilling techniques of Judo in a gentle way.

It is also necessary to remind you once again that on 23rd March-2013, 22nd Senior Judo Championship competitions will also be played between these departments and which will be start from 10:00a.m and on 24thMarch-2013 at 05:00p.m the finals will be played.

App. 130 players with 45 Officials are participating in this Mega event.

Teams will arrive on 22nd March-2013 at Karachi and in the evening at 05:00p.mthe Referees and Team Managers meeting will take place. And a draws for competitions will also take place for the following weight categories:

-50, -56, -60, -66, -73, -81, -90 ,-100 +100Kg and Open Weights

At the end of the Finals, Prize distribution ceremony will be done and the Championship ends with a Farewell party and a farewell party too is organized.

The Federation is fully committed to promote Judo sport at all levels and throughout the country. The events at Country Level will not only help in creating healthy competition among the Judoka but are also a source of tracking true talent for the region.

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