Turkey 2024 welcomes UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report

By Tom Lloyd, Istanbul, Turkey, Sept 21, 2018: The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) today welcomed the positive UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report published by UEFA on Turkey’s bid for UEFA EURO 2024.

The UEFA administration released its assessment of Turkey’s UEFA EURO 2024 candidature, following a thorough technical analysis of the bid dossier submitted to UEFA by the TFF in April this year.

UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report

The evaluation report says:

“The vision….is to organise a tournament that not only offers teams and spectators the best conditions, but brings people together by promoting an intercultural dialogue thanks to its location between three continents.

“The key motivation clearly stated, strong, and in line with UEFA’s long-term objectives.

“Overall, the bidder presents a motivational, attractive and high-quality vision.”

Of Turkey 2024’s 10 ultra-modern stadia, all owned by the Ministry of Sports, the report says:

“The TFF offers the ten stadiums….at no cost to the organisers.

The Turkish Ministry of Youth & Sports is subsidising all stadium costs and has provided a full guarantee that all ten stadiums, all training facilities and operational personnel will be given to UEFA free of charge.”

A central element of Turkey 2024’s bid submission was its total commitment to providing full and unconditional legal and financial guarantees – with signed documents of support from every level of government.

Bid’s government financial guarantees set to provide more than €165m cost saving to UEFA

UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report Yıldırım Demirören, President of the Turkish Football Federation, said:

“We delighted that UEFA’s evaluation report recognises the far-reaching vision of our bid for UEFA EURO 2024.

This is Turkey’s fourth successive bid and we believe it by far our best yet with 10 ultra-modern stadia across nine wonderful Host Cities.

Our hosting vision is global – we will bring the event to even more people, create new fans of football and drive commercial growth way beyond Europe’s borders.

We thank UEFA for their excellent work and look forward to presenting our compelling bid to the UEFA Executive Committee in Nyon next week.”

UEFA EURO 2024 Evaluation Report Servet Yardımcı, Vice-President of the Turkish Football Federation and UEFA Executive Committee Member, said:

“The findings of the report demonstrate how far we have come in our fourth bid to host UEFA’s prestige event.

Our ambition is to deliver an historic tournament that promises a new frontier for UEFA, expanding its reach far beyond traditional boundaries.

A GLOBAL EURO with state-of-the-art facilities set in iconic locations within an exciting, modern and globally-connected nation.

Turkey fully prepared and ready to host UEFA EURO 2024 and we are excited to share together our vision with the UEFA Executive Committee in Nyon ahead of next week’s crucial vote.”

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