Supporters will illuminate the Eiffel Tower

Paris, May 31, 2016: The City of Paris joins forces with Orange (French multinational telecommunications corporation) during UEFA EURO 2016 to set up the first interactive plan of the Eiffel Tower illuminations. Every night during the competition, supporters will adorn the Iron Lady with the colours of their country by publishing messages on the social networks.

The City of Paris committed to turn UEFA EURO 2016 into a festival accessible to all. To this end, it deploys a cultural and sportive ambitious programming through the many events that have been filling with life Parisian neighbourhoods for several weeks now and until the end of the competition.

At the heart of this programme: the illumination of the Eiffel Tower. Starting from June 11th, it will be adorned every night in the colours of a team competing, directly chosen by the supporters. This is a new and interactive plan based on the real-time follow-up of publications on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To participate, supporters only have to support their country on social networks using the hashtag of their favourite team and country (#ENG for England, #FRA for France, #BEL for Belgium, etc.). Orange will keep a real-time record of conversations on social networks and will enable the country receiving the largest number of supports to see its colours projected on the Eiffel Tower on the very same evening, 10 minutes after the final whistle of the last game of the day, until midnight. The monument will also show a selection of the best messages from the fans posted on social networks. The show will also be broadcasted live on the website

“This unprecedented partnership between the City of Paris and Orange will enable Parisians and visitors to hold the keys to the illuminations of this exceptional monument, all united around the same passion for football and the values of sports. This is in accordance with our will to turn this event into a festival of which every supporter is a fully-fledged actor”, rejoices Jean-François Martins, Deputy Mayor of Paris for Sport and Tourism.

“Thanks to the City of Paris, not only are supporters in the spotlights, but they are also given the possibility of choosing how Paris and the Eiffel Tower will play their part in the celebrations of UEFA EURO 2016. They will be the ones to choose the way the Eiffel Tower is enlightened every night”, explains Béatrice Mandine, Deputy Executive Director responsible for communications and for the Orange brand.

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