Statement from the Association of Football Agents

By Robert Fawdon, London, Sept 28, 2016: “The AFA recognizes that while recent media reports involving possible misconduct in relation to player transfers remain unproven, they do raise important questions and serve to highlight the need for greater transparency and a new regulatory framework in this area of the football industry. Agents play an important role in the business of the game and we want to ensure that players and clubs get the best possible service within an agreed set of rules and regulations which apply to all stakeholders.

“We are totally committed to helping any investigation into the various allegations and to continue to work with the relevant football authorities, led by The FA, to further explore what steps can be taken in English football to put in place an effective system of licensing and codes of conduct for agents.

“The global move to deregulation has not worked and it has allowed the system to be more open to manipulation and abuse. The time has come for the key stakeholders in this country to genuinely come together to establish a new framework for the future and we would be happy to progress those discussions with immediate effect.

“Ultimately, changes to the current set-up should also be enforceable globally and this must involve UEFA and FIFA to help spread best practice around the world and re-introduce a system of licensing and regulation which works and is meaningful. We can make a positive start here to promote a better approach across the game. ”

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