Media accreditation for AFC Asian Cup a 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Feb 13, 2014: Media accreditation for the AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 official draw is now open. The accreditation window will close on March 20, 2014.

The official draw for Asia’s premier football competition will be held at the iconic Sydney Opera House on March 26, 2014, at 1900 hrs.

Media wishing to attend this event must apply for accreditation online using their AFC Media Channel accounts.

You may login to your account or register to apply for accreditation by accessing the AFC Media Channel here:

Non-rights holders, who would like to cover the event, must read the NRH Guidelines below before applying for accreditation.


Non-Rights Holding Broadcasters may only broadcast the final draw on a “News Access” basis, meaning:

– NRH may broadcast only two minutes of the draw itself.

– Any broadcast must take place within 24 hours of the draw. NRH may not use footage of the draw after 24 hours have elapsed after the end of the draw.

– NRH may only use video from the draw itself on online or mobile platforms if they remove it from the platform within 24 hours of the end of the draw.

NRH may access footage of the draw either (a) through the Rights-Holding Broadcaster in their territory or (b) via an international sports television news agency.

NRH in the Middle Eastern territories and Japan may not broadcast footage of the draw even on a News Access basis, due to contractual embargoes.

NRH will not be allowed access to the auditorium during the draw. NRH must deposit their cameras in the media centre on arrival at the venue and may only retrieve their camera ten minutes before the end of the event.

NRH from all territories will be allowed access to the Mixed Zone after the draw to record comment and interviews, if there is space available. NRH may not record to-camera presentations and may not broadcast live from anywhere inside the Sydney Opera House precinct.

There is no restriction on the length of the footage or the window of use for material shot in the Mixed Zone and broadcasters may use the material on any platform. —- AFC

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