27th Summer Universiade 2013 Kazan

Kazan – Russia, Mar 15, 2013: From 6 to 17 July 2013, Kazan is hosting the 27th FISU Summer Universiade, the largest multi-sport event staged in Russia in the last 30 years. During these World University Games 351 sets of medals are at stake in 27 sports.

It is expected that more than 13,500 athletes and members of delegations from 170 countries, 1,500 Media representatives and approximately 100,000 tourists and fans from Russia and abroad will witness the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan whereas 20,000 volunteers will be involved as well.

The Organising Committee of the 2013 Summer Universiade will provide accredited journalists with the necessary conditions to work in the Universiade venues as well as a package of services for the Media representatives.

Media Accreditation

For participation in the information coverage of Universiade 2013 in Kazan Media representatives need to apply for a special accreditation. Accreditation at the 27th Summer Universiade is open from 18 January till 18 April 2013.

Representatives of the International Media are passing accreditation process in two stages. A compulsory stage of the Media representative’s accreditation is the pre-registration on the website at the following link: http://newportal.kazan2013.ru/en/pre_registrations/new

All the application is automatically routed for approval by the Organising Committee of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The next step is to complete the accreditation forms for each journalist by the responsible for the accreditation of mass media and their consideration by the Organising Committee of the Games.

All applicants for accreditation who successfully passed the procedure of coordination are assigned to the different categories which define their access rights to the various media zones at the Universiade, on the basis of the rules established by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

Media representatives at the 27th Summer Universiade are assigned the following sub-categories, which correspond to the letter designations on the accreditation badge:

E – Journalist, blogger, freelancer;

Ep – Photographer;

Et – Technical staff;

En – Non-right holder.

The Media representatives in accordance with the obtained accreditation are having access to the Media work-zones in the 27th Summer Universiade venues, in the Main Press Centre and in the Universiade Park. Special vests will be issued for the photographers in addition to the accreditation badges and will offer them access to photo positions on the competition areas.

Please note that the Media representatives do not have access to the Universiade Athletes’ Village (place of accommodation of athletes), except to the mixed-zone in the International Information Centre.

More information

Detailed information about the accreditation procedure and Media Services can be found on the official web-site of the Organising Committee of the 27th Summer Universiade in the section «Media», by clicking on the link: http://newportal.kazan2013.ru/en/smi_services —- FISU

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