Provisional measures requested by Jacques Anouma

Cairo – Egypt, Jan 10, 2013: Mister Jacques Anouma made an appeal against CAF’s decision dated December 10th 2012 which declared his candidacy to the CAF Presidency inadmissible, candidacy proposed by the Fédération Ivoirienne de Football.

Mister Anouma requested CAS, within the framework of urgent measures, to suspend the appealed decision and to register him on the list of candidates to the CAF presidency regarding the elections scheduled at the next CAF General Assembly to be held on March 10th 2013.

He considered that, failing to be granted the provisional measures, he would be in a weak position compared to his opponent, which for an election constitutes for him irreparable damage. Mister Anouma requested at the same time the entire suspension of the elective process for the CAF presidency until the final court decision is rendered.

To that end, he requested a court decision in the shortest possible delays, and by latest December 31st 2012.

In application of CAF Statutes and in consideration of the sovereignty of the General Assembly, CAF strongly opposed all those requests. CAF requested the rejection of the appeal.

By decision dated January 09th 2013, CAS ruled that Mister Anouma couldn’t prove the existence of an irreparable damage for him. Accordingly, the appeal made on December 19th 2012 of Mister Jacques Anouma in the case opposing him to CAF was rejected.

CAS rejects for the 2nd time the appeal made by the Liberia Football Association (LFA)

By communication dated January 03rd 2013, the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) rejected the appeal made by the Liberia Football Association (LFA) against CAF on December 12th 2012.

Within this appeal, the LFA requested again the provisional suspension and the cancellation of deliberations of the Extraordinary General Assembly of CAF held in Seychelles on September 03rd 2012, regarding the adoption of the amendments of the CAF Statutes, and more particularly the amendment voted during this Assembly in relation to the eligibility requirements for the CAF Presidency.

The Confederation of African Football provided CAS with its arguments and explanations contesting especially the admissibility of the LFA appeal. CAS ruled that this appeal was not admissible.

Referred to by LFA for this case a first time last November 28th , CAS had ruled then that the LFA appeal was also inadmissible. —- CAF

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