FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™: record number of member associations’ move forward with bidding process

Zurich, April 17, 2019: FIFA is pleased to confirm that it has received nine registrations in connection with the bidding process for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, namely from the following member associations (in alphabetical order by country):

• Argentinian Football Association

Football Federation Australia

• Bolivian Football Association

Brazilian Football Association

• Colombian Football Association

Japan Football Association

• Korea Football Association (expressing interest in a joint bid with DPR Korea Football Association)

• New Zealand Football

South African Football Association

This represents the largest-ever list of MAs to have confirmed their intention to submit a bid for a single tournament in FIFA’s history, which further attests to the high levels of interest in hosting the 2023 edition of FIFA’s flagship women’s football tournament.

FIFA will now dispatch the various bidding and hosting documents, and the member associations will have until 4 October 2019 to submit their respective bids to FIFA.

Before then, they will have the opportunity to attend a bid information workshop and observer programme in June during the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™.

FIFA is implementing a fair and transparent bidding process, which includes a clear evaluation model as well as a concrete commitment to sustainability and human rights.

All bid books will publish in full on upon submission in October 2019.

Further details on the process can foind in the overview document. —- FIFA

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