FIFA Women’s Football Survey results and funding application approvals revealed

Zurich, Feb 11, 2015: A new FIFA Women’s Football Survey has been made available today, with the results being used to provide recommendations across all six confederations. FIFA has also revealed 298 women’s football projects that have been approved so far for 2015 for 120 member associations.

The survey was conducted in 2014 with the aim of gathering information on six key areas related to women’s football ranging from governance to integration, participation to investment, awareness to perception. It has been published on and was also presented during the meeting of the Committee for Women’s Football and the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ today.

A total of 177 member associations (MAs) answered the survey, amounting to a response rate of 85%. The main findings included:
• 23% of the MAs have dedicated staff for women’s football
• 80% of MAs have a senior team and 50% have youth teams
• 78% of MAs have a national women’s football l eague
• 82% of the top women’s football leagues are managed by MAs
• Number of registered players: 4,801,360
• Girls at g rassroots programmes: 1,166,926
• Global participation: 30,145,700

The high response rate to the survey has enabled FIFA to make conclusions and recommendations that can be applied across all confederations.

Meanwhile, FIFA has confirmed the women’s football development projects that have been approved so far for 2015. To view the full list of projects as well as the FIFA Women’s Football Survey results, see links to —- FIFA

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