FIFA plans Football Museum

Zurich-Switzerland, April 18, 2012: FIFA is planning an extension to its headquarters in Zurich, two-thirds of which are open to the public. The focus of the project is the building of a football museum including 3D animations, interactive games, trophies… everything a football fan could wish for.

Clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United have set the benchmark when it comes to football museums, and as FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter said, “it is high time that world football had a meeting place for its millions of fans.”

An investment of around 180 million Swiss francs will be required and has already been agreed by the FIFA Executive Committee, and is a clear show of support for Zurich as FIFA’s location, Blatter continued. The extension will create extra jobs and increase the current employment capacity from 380 at present to a maximum of 500.

A cafeteria and a crèche are also planned in the extension which will be located underground, alongside the main building, and lit from above. It has been designed by top architect Tilla Theus who was the inspiration behind the main building, guaranteeing a perfect symbiosis between the two buildings.

Zurich City Council, chaired by Mayor Corine Mauch, was officially informed of FIFA’s plans on 11 April 2012 at a two-hour meeting held in the conference room in the Home of FIFA. The City Council then convened today for its weekly meeting and welcomed the fact that their cooperation with FIFA was to be continued in the shape of such an innovative and exciting project.

The City Council also stated that the extension would require a design plan to be validated by the Zurich Municipal Council. The City of Zurich and FIFA are linked by a long and shared history, the Council said, and having one of the most important international sporting federations here in the city is a great honour. Image © Foto-net

Football Museum Football Museum Football Museum Football Museum Football Museum Football Museum

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