FIFA Club World Cup Emblem officially unveiled

Casablanca – Morocco: The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013 has taken a significant step forward in the preparations for this prestigious tournament with the launch of the Official Emblem. The emblem was unveiled in a glittering ceremony inspired by the rich cultural heritage and friendliness of Morocco, which took place in a luxury hotel in Casablanca on Monday, 2 September – 100 days before the tournament kick-off.

The Official Emblem was revealed to guests at the end of a colorful show in which famous models wearing fabulous traditional kaftans inspired by the colors of the seven qualified teams paraded across the stage, accompanied by children who were also dressed in the participating teams’ colors and wearing each of the teams’ pennants.

New concept

The emblem for this tenth edition of the competition has the characteristic shape of the FIFA Club World Cup trophy, decorated with patterns influenced by the ancient Moroccan art of zellige (ceramic mosaics), thereby combining the spirit of the competition with the visual imagery of the host country. This Official Emblem evokes Morocco that is open, welcoming and multicultural.

The delicacy of the patterns, which are dominated by the colours of the national flag, reflects the high quality of play to be expected in this magical competition, which will see the best clubs from each of the six confederations, plus Raja Casablanca, battle it out on Moroccan turf.

An official design that is faithful to the cultural values of the host country

In keeping with the emblem, the official design is inspired by zellige art as well as moucharaby latticework, so that the two graphical elements of the competition complement each other. The typically Moroccan colours and patterns reinforce the local flavor, and the use of royal blue gives depth to the design and adds a sense of prestige.

As for the football…

Raja Casablanca, the club representing the host country, will certainly be a serious challenger for the title. With the support of their large and enthusiastic fan base, the Rajaouis seem capable of holding their own alongside the greats. In the opening match on 11 December 2013 at the Grand Stade in Agadir, they will meet the champions of Oceania, Auckland City FC (New Zealand). The pinnacle of the competition, the final match, will take place in Marrakech on Saturday 21 December.

Make a date with history

Wednesday 11 December 2013 will be a historic date for the two Host Cities. On that day, the eyes of the world will be on the Kingdom of Morocco, and Agadir will have the honour of opening the tenth edition of the FIFA Club World Cup.

One hundred days before kick-off and the party has already started, with the gorgeous ceremony to present the Official Emblem enchanting the many members of the football family who were present in Casablanca for the launch. —- FIFA

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