Female leaders conclude first development module

Lausanne June 10, 2016: Women working in football around the world came together in Zurich this week to take part in the first module of the second edition of FIFA’s Female Leadership Development Programme (FLDP).

Launched in 2015, the FLDP aims to identify, support and develop strong female leaders and role models in football, while advocating for women to access senior decision-making positions globally.

Key focus was given to the importance of peer coaching, authentic leadership, leading as a woman in the world of football, and the legacy of a leader.

All participants expressed their desire to ensure a solid female legacy in football. Speaking about her hopes for the future after her involvement in the programme, Adelaide Tu Ivailala of the Tongan FA said: “I’m hoping to rediscover myself by learning from all the women in this group. Learning from their expertise and experience to become a more assertive leader.”

Creating a network of women working in football is an essential element of the FLDP and was strongly echoed by its mentors. Discussing her ambitions for the programme, Donna De Varona, a mentor for FLDP participants, swimming world-record holder and US Olympic gold medallist said: “I want to create a family; a network of women who can talk to each other. So many women out there are alone, fighting for opportunities in a vastly male-dominated world of football. Our role as mentors is to help them develop their skills, to help them make a real difference.” —- Photo: FIFA/Foto-net

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