FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019: Official Emblem unveiled

Zurich, July 19, 2019: The Official Emblem for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2019 was unveiled yesterday, 18 July, at the Conmebol Convention Center in Asunción, Paraguay.

The kick-off event featured speeches from representatives of CONMEBOL, FIFA, the Paraguayan Olympic Committee, and the Paraguayan government, as well as videos celebrating the event, the emblem, and the tournament venue.

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2019 emblem takes its inspiration from Ñandutí, the famous traditional embroidered lace of Paraguay.

The name Ñandutí means “spider web” in Guaraní, the indigenous, official language of Paraguay, and the structure of the embroidery says to resemble its interconnected namesake or the rays of the sun.

Ñandutí designs reflect in the pattern of the ball at the top of the emblem.

The sun that crowns the trophy is reimagined as a flower in another nod to Ñandutí patterns and a reflection of Paraguay’s rich vegetation.

The red figure highlights the spectacular football moves that characteristic of Beach Soccer, while the blue and yellow of the stem inspire by Guaraní decorative motifs.

The Beach Soccer player rests on a sweep of sand.

The overall design speaks to the cultural diversity and history of the host nation of Paraguay, as well as the unique discipline of Beach Soccer.

A new venue

This is Paraguay’s first time hosting a FIFA event and the first time a FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will be held in a landlocked nation.

It is an opportunity to showcase the host nation and experience the sport in a new setting.

The hosts have made a significant investment in the building of a new, bespoke Beach Soccer stadium.

The approximately 3,000-seat stadium is located at the headquarters of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee, where Asunción meets the adjoining city of Luque.

It is the first permanent Beach Soccer stadium in Paraguay and incorporates the latest in global innovations in the sport.

A global game

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019 will take place from 21 November until 1 December of this year. This is the tenth edition of the tournament, which first took place in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro.

In total, 16 countries will represent at this year’s event.

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