Accreditation for UEFA EURO 2012 Final Draw.

UEFA News: The final draw of the UEFA European Football Championship 2010-12 will take place at the Palace of Arts “Ukraine” in Kyiv, Ukraine on 2 December 2011 (Accreditation UEFA EURO 2012 Final Draw).The 16 teams which will participate in the final round of the UEFA European Football Championship 2010-12 will be divided into four groups of four teams each (Groups A to D).

Four seeding pots will be created for the purpose of the draw, with the host associations Poland and Ukraine being top seeds: Poland as A1, Ukraine as D1. The reigning champion Spain will also be top seed, together with the team with the highest national team coefficient ranking, as established at the conclusion of the play-off matches.

The remaining 12 teams will be allocated to the remaining three pots according to their coefficients. The draw will start with Pot 1 in order to fill position one in groups B and C. The draw will continue with Pot 4, from which a team will be allocated to each group consecutively, from Group A to Group D. This procedure will then be repeated for Pot 3 and finally for Pot 2.

Media representatives and event non-rights-holders can apply for accreditation and media bookings via the following links for the media and broadcaster portals of F.A.M.E. starting from 3 October 2011.

Media: The deadline for accreditations is Thursday, 17 November 2011.

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