There is a lot of cricket still to be played and it would be foolish to write off Pakistan

By Waqar Younis Pakistan, Trent Bridge, May 31, 2019: You have to remember that this World Cup is a very long tournament.

There is a lot of cricket still to be played and it would be foolish to write off this Pakistan side after their defeat to the West Indies.

You have to give credit to the West Indies for the way they used the short ball to pepper the Pakistani batsmen.

Pakistan were beaten by seven wickets by West Indies at Trent Bridge

Andre Russell in particular was outstanding with those first three overs that he bowled at the top of the order.

He may have only taken a couple of wickets, but it was his short-pitched barrage that showed the way for the rest of their attack.

But Pakistan didn’t seem to have answer when it came down to it.

Those are the moments when you really have to dig deep, to try and survive and we couldn’t do it.

A lot has said before about Pakistan’s record in the past, the unpredictable nature of this side.

Waqar believes that Mohammad Amir was a positive for Pakistan

They lost heavily in their first game in 1992 and bounced back to win that tournament after all.

But we cannot really dwell on what happened 27 years ago. Winning the 2019 tournament is going to take some doing this time around.

A defeat like that damages the confidence and we need to make sure that we take our time to try and bounce back, think positive and turn the ship around.

You have got to stay very calm.

Everyone will be hurting in the dressing room at the moment so it is important to come back tomorrow with fresh eyes. Waqar Younis Pakistan

They need to look inside themselves and try and find some solutions. We will have to learn from this defeat, in a way that we failed to during the match.

Mohammad Amir was probably the big positive from the day.

He picked up a couple of wickets which will be good for his confidence.

As a guy who was originally left out of the squad and then brought back in, it is important that he feels good about himself.

He is a wicket-taker, pure and simple, so if he can get it right moving forward then other teams will have to watch out.

But it will be difficult for the team to bounce back quickly enough for Monday against England – a team who are on such a high.

They have probably never played better, and I think they have all the ingredients to go all the way and end their long wait for a World Cup.

And after what happened here on Friday, you can sure that a certain Jofra Archer will lick his lips.

I have loved what I have seen of him so far.

He is going to be the man that the world will remember when all says and done at this World Cup.

He has just got something about him, a bit of stardust.

I am sure he will leave a mark on this World Cup and probably on Pakistan on Monday. —- Credit ICC

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