Vikrant Shetty’s bowling action found to be illegal

Dubai, ICC Media Release, 10 November 2011: The International Cricket Council today confirmed that a home board assessment had found the bowling action of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) off-spinner Vikrant Shetty to be illegal and, as such, the player has been suspended from bowling in international cricket (Vikrant Shetty bowling action).

The assessment was done by the player’s home board – the Emirates Cricket Board – and was performed by the head coaches at the ICC Global Cricket Academy (GCA) Dayle Hadlee and Mudassar Nazar who based their assessment on naked eye observation and video assessment.

In line with clause 3.2.7 of the ICC regulations for bowlers with suspected bowling actions, Shetty cannot bowl in international cricket until such time as a further ECB analysis confirms that he has remedied his bowling action. The 27-year-old was reported last month after the end of the UAE’s match against Afghanistan in the ICC Intercontinental Cup 2011-2013 match.

He was reported by on-field umpires Ahsan Raza of the Emirates International Panel of ICC Umpires and Buddhi Pradhan of the ICC Associates and Affiliates Umpires’ Panel, along with third umpire Iftikhar Ali of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB).

The umpires’ report cited concern over Shetty’s bowling action with the possibility of it being illegal.

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