The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) cricket team is known as the ‘RMAF Hawk’ cricket team

Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia Jan 19, 2012: Royal Malaysian Air Force RMAF, Cricket is the No.1 Sport in the RMAF since 2005. This is mainly due to RMAF Hawk cricket achievements at National and International Levels. Cricket is the oldest ‘organised team sport’ in the Malaysian Armed Forces’, where it was introduced and made popular by the British Army & Royal Air Force in Malaya.

The Malaysian Inter-Services Cricket Competition started in 1979. The competition was mainly dominated by the Army & Navy in the 80s. The MAF cricket team gained recognition when they won the Malaysian Government Services 4 years in a row in the late 80s & early 90s. In 1994, the MAF team was allowed to be affiliated to the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) and participate in the National Div.2 Cricket League.

After becoming Division 2 Champion for 3 years in a row, i.e. 1995, 1996 & 1997, the MAF team were promoted to Division 1 in 1999. In 2004, after winning the Division 1, the MAF team was promoted to the Premier League in 2005. In 2008, the MAF team reached the ‘Pinnacle’ by becoming the National Premier League Champion.

Cricket in the RMAF gained recognition in the MAF, when the RMAF cricket team became the MAF Inter-Services Cricket Champions in the early 90s’, thus breaking a decade’s domination by the Army & Navy.

2005 was a year of ‘Change’ which moved up RMAF Cricket by leaps and bounds due to the ‘Implementation of the RMAF Cricket Development Strategy 2005 – 2010’. From 2005, RMAF cricket took a new dimension and ‘Moved Full-Steam Ahead’ when her bold ‘Vision’ of being the ‘Nation’s Top Cricket Team’ was clearly defined.

From 2005, there was no looking back, and the ‘Rallying Call’ of the ‘RMAF Hawk’ cricket team is to be ‘Simply the Best’. This is guided by the driving principles of ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Respect for People’.

‘RMAF Hawk Values’ are based on the ‘True Spirit of Cricket & Sportsmanship, Human Development, Striving for Excellence and Respect for each other, whilst ‘Protecting the Individual’. From 2005, RMAF Hawk has been achieving success in the national arena by winning all the major titles in the ‘Domestic Competitions’,

In 2009, RMAF Hawk created history and a record for both MAF Sports & national cricket, by defying the odds, when she achieved the distinction of winning the ‘International Defense Cricket Challenge’ in Canberra, Australia. This surprised both the local and foreign defense cricket fraternity in Australia and New Zealand.

RMAF Hawk is a young and talented team that is determined to ‘Move Full Steam Ahead’, to break more records and achieve further success in both local and international cricket.

Presently, the RMAF Hawk has 10 cricketers in the national pool out of which 7 cricketers are in the present national team for the World Cup League Division 5. Our targets for 2012 are to win all the major tournaments that we participate in, namely:

1. ‘National Premier League’

2. ‘Rulers Shield’

3. ‘NSCA T20’

4. ‘IDCC 2012’ in Australia

5. ‘MAF Inter-Services’

RMAF Hawk’s future plan is to organize an ‘International Air Forces Cricket Challenge’ in 2013 and to organize a ‘Cricket Tour to UK’ in 2014.

(The above article was submitted by Col Gerard Denis Singam of RMAF).

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