3rd National Youth Summit Pakistan

Karachi, August 4, 2018: Center for Sustainability Research and Practice (CSRP), University of Lahore in collaboration with Karakoram International University (KIU), Islamic Research Institute (IRI), IIUI and Peshawar Zalmi Foundation conducts the 3rd National Youth Summit Pakistan in Gilgit, Baltistan.

The third summit is bringing the youth of Pakistan to Gilgit-Baltistan gather the youth at one platform to exchange, experience and explore/Peshawar Zalmi Foundation.

The summit is bringing the youth of the country together in discussing their role and the efforts needed to improve the quality of governance and to understand the significance of environment in context of climate change, human life, by building strong bonds by knowing each other’s cultures.

The present and future of Pakistan is young and we believe that this summit will serve as a step-in to build strong bonds.

Peshawar Zalmi Foundation fostering the youth that are different in their own way and we hope to align their perspectives with each other.

Zalmi Foundation is proud to be the front-runner in promoting healthy activities like these because a formal dialogue about the country’s prevalent issues is necessary through an educational perspective so we can bring about change throughout the region.

Our youth is our greatest asset and we believe that in order for Pakistan to be a prosperous country, we have to empower our youth in any way we can.

This event is surely a cornerstone for such initiatives and we will take this mission forward.

It is intended to serve as a platform for youth to Explore, Exchange, Experience and Promote: 70-80 youth strength are having an opportunity to observe on ground and hospitality of Gilgit-Baltistan.

We have to make our youth acquainted with the key issues that influence their lives.

Our aim for deep, cross sectional dialogue about prevalent issues so we can come up with viable solutions for them.

Peshawar Zalmi Foundation is making our youth empowered, self-sufficient and globally aware so that they can become leaders of tomorrow.

Initiatives are like these are the pre-requisites for such an aim.

The 3rd National Youth Summit will bring together 70-80 young leaders from Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, AJK, KP and Gilgit-Baltistan itself; equal representation of both males and females including the religious minorities. —- PZF

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