Media accreditation opens for ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2016, Process closes on 7 January 2016

Dubai, 22 December 2015: The media accreditation process for the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Bangladesh 2016 is now open. This is an online process that can be followed by clicking Here.

As part of the application process, you will need to upload the following:

i) Headshot photograph (.jpg file between 5KB and 150KB in size)

ii) Scanned copy of a photo ID (.jpg or .pdf file between 10KB and 300KB in size)

iii) Letter of approval/assignment from your editor (.jpg or .pdf file between 10KB and 300KB in size) – applications not supported by assignment letters will NOT be processed.

If the accredited journalists change their travel plans without informing the accreditation manager, then they will jeopardise their accreditation for future ICC events, including the ICC World Twenty20 India 2016.

The accreditation process closes at 1700 (Dubai time) on Thursday, 7 January 2016.


i. By uploading information/applying for accreditation, you understand that you, the applicant, have agreed and accepted the attached ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2016 Media Accreditation Terms and Conditions for Non-Rights Holders.

ii. All the Non-Rights Holders will be accredited for the tournament but NRHs found filming inside the venue during a broadcast match day will have ALL their organisation accreditations withdrawn and will be banned from covering any further matches.

iii. For non-broadcast matches, filmed coverage up to 90 seconds will be allowed inside the venue. Player interviews will be permitted as additional coverage.

iv. The ICC reserves the right to approve/reject/request further information on all applications in its sole discretion and without providing reasons for doing so.

v. The ICC reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation of any accredited journalist whom it deems is in breach of the relevant Media Accreditation Terms and Conditions.

vi. Journalists not informing the accreditation manager about a change in their plans may jeopardise any applications they may make for accreditation for future ICC events.

vii. If you have any queries on accreditation, please write to

viii. Rights Holders: The accreditation process for Rights Holders will open in January 2016. All television rights-holders/official licensees for ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2016 should contact Sunil Manoharan at and all other rights-holders (radio and news access) should contact Lara Richards at, for details on the accreditation process. —- ICC

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