ICC announces umpire and match referee

Dubai, May 16, 2013: The ICC today announced details of the umpire and match referee appointments for the group stage as well as the warm-up stage of the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2013 in England and Wales, which will take place from 6 to 23 June. The match referees’ on duty for the tournament will be Chris Broad, Javagal Srinath and Andy Pycroft of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees.

The 12 Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires, namely: Billy Bowden, Aleem Dar, Kumar Dharmasena, Steve Davis, Marais Erasmus, Ian Gould, Tony Hill, Richard Kettleborough, Nigel Llong, Bruce Oxenford, Asad Rauf and Rod Tucker, will officiate the tournament.

Umpire appointments for the warm-up matches to be played at the three tournament venues – Cardiff Wales Stadium, Edgbaston and The Oval were also announced. As at previous ICC events, the warm-up matches will not carry official ODI status.

Appointments for the semi-finals and the final will be announced in due course.


*30 May – Sri Lanka v Pakistan (D/N), Edgbaston – Bruce Oxenford and Rod Tucker (on-field umpires), Marais Erasmus (third umpire), Richard Kettleborough (fourth umpire)

*1 June – India v Sri Lanka (D), Edgbaston – Tony Hill and Ian Gould (on-field umpires), Bruce Oxenford (third umpire), Rod Tucker (fourth umpire)

1 June – Australia v West Indies (D/N), Cardiff – Kumar Dharmasena and Asad Rauf (on-field umpires), Billy Bowden (third umpire)

*3 June – Pakistan v South Africa (D), The Oval – Michael Gough and Tim Robinson (on-field), Martin Saggers (third umpire), Mike Burns (fourth umpire)

4 June – Sri Lanka v West Indies (D), Edgbaston – Nick Cook and Peter Hartley (on-field), Paul Baldwin (third umpire)

*4 June – Australia v India (D), Cardiff – Rob Bailey and Neil Mallender (on-field), Alex Wharf (third umpire), Neil Bainton (fourth umpire)

*Indicates televised matches


6 June – India v South Africa (D), Cardiff – Ian Gould and Bruce Oxenford (on-field umpires), Rod Tucker (third umpire), Asad Rauf (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

7 June – West Indies v Pakistan (D), The Oval – Steve Davis and Nigel Llong (on-field umpires), Tony Hill (third umpire), Richard Kettleborough (fourth umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

8 June – England v Australia (D), Edgbaston – Kumar Dharmasena and Marais Erasmus (on-field umpires), Billy Bowden (third umpire), Aleem Dar (fourth umpire), Javagal Srinath (match referee)

9 June – Sri Lanka v New Zealand (D), Cardiff – Rod Tucker and Asad Rauf (on-field umpires), Ian Gould (third umpire), Bruce Oxenford (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

10 June – Pakistan v South Africa (D/N), Edgbaston – Billy Bowden and Richard Kettleborough (on-field umpires), Kumar Dharmasena (third umpire), Nigel Llong (fourth umpire), Javagal Srinath (match referee)

11 June – India v West Indies (D), The Oval – Tony Hill and Aleem Dar (on-field umpires), Steve Davis (third umpire), Marais Erasmus (fourth umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

12 June – Australia v New Zealand (D), Edgbaston – Kumar Dharmasena and Nigel Llong (on-field umpires), Richard Kettleborough (third umpire), Ian Gould (fourth umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

13 June – England v Sri Lanka (D/N), The Oval – Billy Bowden and Aleem Dar (on-field umpires), Marais Erasmus (third umpire), Tony Hill (fourth umpire), Javagal Srinath (match referee)

14 June – West Indies v South Africa (D), Cardiff – Steve Davis and Asad Rauf (on-field umpires), Bruce Oxenford (third umpire), Rod Tucker (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

15 June – India v Pakistan (D), Edgbaston – Richard Kettleborough and Ian Gould (on-field umpires), Nigel Llong (third umpire), Kumar Dharmasena (fourth umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

16 June – England v New Zealand (D), Cardiff – Rod Tucker and Bruce Oxenford (on-field umpires), Asad Rauf (third umpire), Steve Davis (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

17 June – Sri Lanka v Australia (D), The Oval – Tony Hill and Marais Erasmus (on-field umpires), Aleem Dar (third umpire), Billy Bowden (fourth umpire), Javagal Srinath (match referee). —- ICC

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