2012 Pakistan Champions Cricket League (PCCL)

2012 Pakistan Champions Cricket League (PCCL)

Karachi-Pakistan, May 23, 2012: Please find below the latest results from the 2012 Pakistan Champions Cricket League (PCCL) taking place in Karachi, Pakistan.

Dawood sports beat Combined Cricket Club by 7 runs

Dawood sports batting first score 150/7 in allotted 20 overs. Ahmer Bin Nasir 47(22), Atif Ali 31(32), Taha Khan 1/23, Salman Donga 1/24 in reply Combined C.C 143 all out in 20 over. Shoaib 32(22). Fariduddin 2/23, Faisal Tahir 29/2 man of the match Ahmer Bin Nasir. Dawood Sports win by 7 runs.

Airport Gymkhana beat Quaid-e-Azam Sprts Rahim yar khan by 64 runs

Airport Gymkhana batting first score 184/9 in 20 overs. Tariq Haroon 46, Behram Khan 43, Waqas Haroon 27, Azhar Shafiq 3/27, Jahanzeb Khan 2/38 Quaid-e-Azam Sprts Rahim yar khan in reply score 128/7 in 20 overs Jam Nazakat 28, Bowling Haris Ayaz 2/38, Masoom Ali 2/21, Airport win by 64 runs.

Phoenix Medison U.A.E beat Khyber Green (FATA) by 15 runs

Phoenix Medison U.A.E 148. All out in 20 overs. Shoaib Laghari 56. Bowling Taimoor Afridi 3/18. asad Afridi 3/14 in reply Khyber Green (FATA) 133 all out in 19.5 overs Asif Afridi 34, Alamar Afridi 32, bowling 3/24, Shoib Laghari, Phoenix Medison win by 15 runs.

Muslim Gym Lahore beat Dammam Cricket Club win by 5 wkts

Dammam Cricket Club 122 all out in 19.4 overs. Rizwan Qayyum 30(2X4), Imran Farooqi 27(6X4). Bowling Junaid Jan 5/16, in reply Muslim Gym Lahore achieve target in 19.1 overs loosing 5 wickets. Usman Salauddin 62(6X4), bowling Wasim Malik 2/17. muslim Gym win by 5 wickets.

Afghanistan Youth C.C beat Crescent Cricket Club Multan by 10 runs

Afghanistan Youth C.C 125/7 in allotted 20 overs. Asghar Jannat 41(40) bowling Umer Ali 2/14 in reply Crescent Cricket Club Multan 115/7 in 20 overs, Hamza Nadeem 27, bowling Abdullah Mazhar 2/15, Samiullah 2/20. Afghanistan Youth C.C win by 10 runs.

Khan Sports Hyderabad beat Riyadh Saudia Arab by 6 wkts

Riyadh Saudia Arab score 105 in allotted 20 overs all out. Naser Abbasi 30(2X6), Former test player Arshad Khan 23(2X4), bowling Mohsin Khan 4/11, Raees Arain 3/23. Khan Sports Hyderabad achieve target in 16.1 over for losing 4 wickets Zahid Khan 61(3X6 & 3X4). Khan sports win by 6 wickets.

M. Hussain C.C V/S Khan Sports Hyderabad Match Tie

M. Hussain C.C 145/8 in 20 overs M. Ali 44(2X6 & 2X4) Fahad Iqbal 20. Raees Arain 4/24. in reply Khan Sports Hyd all out 145 in 20 overs. Zahid Khan 52(2X4 & 3X6) Sheroz Khan 40(3X4) bowling Owais Pasta 3/22, Kamran Umer 3/33. Result tie.

Tando Adam cricket club beat Ghouri Sports Hyd by 5 wkts

Ghouri Sports Hyd score 149/7 in allotted 20 overs Lal Kumar 57 in reply Tando Adam Cricket Club achieve target in 18.1 over for losing 5 wickets. Taj Wassan 33, highest score for Tando Adam cricket club. Tando Adam win by 5 wickets.

C.A Sports Sialkot beat P & T Gym by 71 runs

C.A Sports Sialkot batting first scoring the biggest target in tournament right now 202/1 in allotted 20 overs with help of a fine knock played by international player Shahid Yousuf 129 not out in just 70 ball in his inning Shahid hits 7 Sixes and 15 fours. Shahid also made a new record for P.C.C.L a partnership of 197 runs for any wicket. His partner Nadeem Javeed score 63 not out, in reply P & T Gym have super star Abdul Razzak did not make any impression to spectators. Razzak 28(5X4) is give some hope in start of P & T inning but after losing Razzak all team never recover and score just 131/7 in allotted 20 overs C.A Sports win the match by 71 runs.

Vital five beat Muslim Gym Lahore by 28 runs

Vital five scoring batting first scoring 115/9 in allotted 20 overs Mohd Waqas 24, bowling Nouman Aslam, Farhan Nazer, Junaid Khan took 2 wicket each in reply Muslim Gym Lahore all out in 19.2 only scoring 87 runs. Kashif destroy the batting line up Muslim Gym for taking 4 wicket for 24 runs Yasir Hussain took 17/2. Vital five win by 28 runs.

United Sports beat Landhi Friend by 5 wckts

Landhi Friend scoring 160 in allotted 20 overs. Abdul Salam scoring 52 for his team, in reply United Sports achieve target in 18.5 overs for losing 5 wickets. Zafar Kaptar 64 is helping his team to set a victory against Landhi Friend.

Al- Noor Gym beat Korangi Al Fatah by 71 runs

Al- Noor Gym beat Korangi Al Fatah win by 71 runs batting first Al-Noor Gym score 158/8 in allotted 20 overs. Test Star Fawad Alam 36, Saad Waseem 34 are main scorer for Al-Noor Gym, bowling Zeeshan Aziz 3/20, in reply Korangi Al Fatah all out 87 runs. Saad Naseem 4/15 is the main contribution his team to wining by 71 runs.

National C.C Lahore beat Hong Kong by 37 runs

National C.C Lahore beat Hong Kong by 37 runs, batting first National C.C Lahore score 137 in reply Hong Kong score just 100 runs in allotted 20 overs. National C.C win by the match by 37 runs.

Agha Khan Gym beat Dammam Cricket Club by 99 runs

Agha Khan Gym batting first score 199 in allotted 20 overs, in reply Dammam Cricket Club only score 100 runs and losing the match by 99 runs.

P & T Gymkahna beat Combined C.C(Faislabad) by 3 runs

Super Star Abdul Razzak show his class Pakistan Champions League match against Combined Cricket Club. Bating first P& T Gymkhana Lahore score 130/6 in allotted 20 overs. Super Star Abdul Razzak score 55(40)(5X4)(3X6) to help his team to manage a fighting total to defend. Bowling M.Talha(R.A.F) 2/14, Shahid Ali(SLA) 2/27 are main bowlers for Combined C.C. In reply Combined C.C openers give his team 71 runs opening stand but after 1 wkt fall the score slow down and in the end Combined C.C lose the match by very close margine 3 runs. M.Zubair 46(45)(7X4) highest run gather for his team. The destroyer of Combined C.C inning is Zulfiqar Babar(SLA) 4-23-4.

Malir Gymkhan beat Rawalpindi Kings by 2 Wkts

In other match batting first Rawalpindi Kings set a target of 146 runs to their opposite. Tayyab Riaz 38(44)(5X4), Usman Ifta Khan 37(33)(3X4), Abdul Ameer(L.M.F) 3/19 in reply Malir Gym achieve target in 19.2 overs for the lost of 8 wkts. Test star Tanveer Ahmed batting at no 7 score a blasting half century only in 26 balls to help his team for wining the match, Tanveer Ahmed 50(26)(2X4)(5X6), Alamgir Khan(SLA) 3/37 is not enough to save his team by blasting batting of Tanveer Ahmed.

Korangi Alfatah beat Ghouri C.C by 74 runs

Korangi Alfatah batting first score 173/6 M. Farrukh 57(4X4)(2X6), M.Rizwan 52(3X6)(3X4). Bowling Imran Chandio 2/32. In reply Ghouri C.C 99 all out in 16.4 overs, bowling M. Farrukh 3/18, Anis Shiekh 3/27. Korangi Alfatah win by 74 runs.

Afghanistan Youth Academy beat United Sports by 39 runs

Afghanistan 172/7 in 20 overs. Imran Jannat 72(45)(5X4)(5X6), Saeed Raza 2/16, M. Irshad 2/37 in reply United Sports all 133 in 18.2 overs Usman Shah 35(26)(2X4), Zafar Katpar 34(21)(5X4). Abdul Adil 3/28, Khalil Dad Noori 3/38. Afghanistan win by 39 runs.

Hong Kong beat Faisal Gymkhana by 8 runs.

Batting first Hong Kong Cricket Academy 142/7 in 20 overs. Najeeb Amir 48(37)(5X4)(2X6), Irfan Ahmed 33(32)(2X4), Akhtar Hussain 2/14, Yasir Mushtaq 2/17, in reply Faisal Gym 134 all out in 19.5 over Sohaib Shakil 35(21)(5X4)(1X6). Bowling Najeeb Amir 3/20, Haseeb Amjad 3/21. Hong Kong win by 8 runs.

S.G Jadoon beat Pak Korangi by 4 wkts

Pak Korangi batting first score 139/10 in 19.5 overs. Owais Zia 43(6X4)(1X6). Kamran Daud 4/26, Ejaz Ahmed 2/20. in reply S.G.Jadoon (Abbt) 140/6 in 19 overs. Ibrar Ali 35(3X6), Rana Wasim 26(4X4), Saif Ullah 2/28. S.C Jadoon win by 4 wkts.

Faislabad C.C beat Aghakhan Gym by 8 wkts

Aghakhan batting first 128/8 in 20 overs , Malik Ali 41(3X4)(3X6), bowling Saadat Muneer 3/11, Ghulam Dastagir 3/21, Faislabad batting 131/2 in 12.5 overs. Asif Ali 80(41)(12X4)(3X6), Shabbir Hussain 34(5X6).

Nazimabad Gym beat Peshawar C.C by 5 wkts

Peshawer C.C batting first 125/8 in 20 overs. Rizwan Ahmed 60(3X4)(3X6), bowling Mansoor Ahmed 3/22, Faraz Patel 2/27, Nazimabad batting 126/5 in 16.4 overs, Owais Rehmani 50(7X4) not out, Zakir Malik 32(12 balls)(5X4), bowling Dilawar Khan 4/25.

Peshawar beat Riyadh C.A Club by 7 wkts

Riyadh C.A Club batting first 134/8 in 20 overs. Wasim Riaz 60(38)(4×8)(3×6). Bowling Tariq Khan 6/12. In reply Peshawar 137/3 in 18.3 overs, Yasir Hameed 56(60 balls)(8X4).

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