Minister says sorry and promises more public transport: Mark BAILEY

The Olympics Sports team Abdul Rahim and Muhammad Sadiq Padela, Gold Coast Australia, April 5, 2018: Queensland Transport Minister Mark BAILEY (AUS) apologized and promised to increase public transport to avoid a repeat of the bottleneck that delayed spectators attending the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on Wednesday (4 April).

BAILEY said the bottleneck was due to a surge in the number of spectators who followed Games organisers’ advice to use public transport to get to the Ceremony.

“I am going to be up front and apologise to those people who were caught in that situation (bottleneck),” BAILEY told a media conference at the Main Media Centre on Thursday (5 April).

“There was a 35,000 crowd and 30,500 were moved by public transport. We experienced some issues at Broadbeach South (Gold Coast) where people had to wait longer than we would have preferred.

“We will certainly be making adjustments.”

BAILEY also promised the needs of disabled spectators will be reviewed after spectators with special needs said they had been “abandoned” in the transport backlog.

“We have a lot of provisions for people with disabilities,” he said.

“We are happy to look into that and make sure everyone can get around effectively. That is part of the transport plan. There will be adjustments.” —- GC2018

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