Coe reelected IAAF President

Seb Coe Unveils 100 Day Plan for IAAF President

By Rob Fawdon from Oslo, June 11, 2015: Seb Coe has today unveiled details of a 100 Day Plan that he would put in place immediately if he is elected President of the IAAF on 19 August. The plan, which builds on his campaign Manifesto “Growing Athletics in a New Age” and follows consultation with Member Federations over recent months, demonstrates Coe’s determination to create a new golden era for Athletics. At the heart of his 100 Day Plan is a commitment to work with all Member Federations to ensure that, by the beginning of 2016 we:

 Establish a World Athletics Calendar Reform and Sports Presentation Group to enhance Athletics as a product within a more harmonized World Calendar for approval by the IAAF Council.

 Undertake a detailed review of the existing IAAF structures and use of resources.

 Develop an internal communications strategy to ensure Member Federations are fully engaged and involved in shaping the future of the sport, and to improve day to day communications and relationships.

 Establish an external, fully Independent Anti-doping Agency to deal with doping violations in international level Athletics.

 Establish an in-house Commercial Department to support the commercial competency within Member Federations and continue to enhance the relationships with IAAF commercial partners.

 Create a IAAF Youth Marketing and Communications Division to advise the Council on how best to drive engagement with young people.

 Revamp the IAAF’s Development Programmes by introducing Mobile Regional Development Centres informed by regional Member Federations’ needs.

 Appoint an IAAF Values Commission to help guide and support young athletes to make positive and beneficial decisions for their career.
Speaking from the IAAF Diamond League meet in Oslo, Seb Coe said:

“My 100 day plan, which I have unveiled today, provides a route map and outlines very clearly what my priorities would be in my first few months as IAAF President. This plan builds on all that is good in our sport while seeking to put in place important changes that will secure a brighter future for Athletics globally. After setting out my Manifesto in December last year and having talked with many Member Federations since, I am now more convinced than ever that Athletics can reclaim a new and exciting golden era.

“To deliver this ambition I believe that we must have the right IAAF structures and resources in place, including a fully independent anti-doping agency for international level Athletics. We must also look creatively at the global Athletics calendar, the way we present our sport and engage effectively with young people. My 100 Day Plan demonstrates not just the direction the sport needs to take, but also the momentum and vision that we need to bring to the IAAF, working in close cooperation with all Member Federations, if I am granted the great honour of being elected President.”

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