New innovations at IAAF World Indoor Championships Portland 2016

Monaco, Mar 4, 2016: With two weeks to go until the IAAF World Indoor Championships Portland 2016, the IAAF and local organisers have promised a global athletics competition like no other.

Several new innovations will be incorporated into the competition at the Oregon Convention Center on 17-20 March.

One of the biggest changes will be in the shot put, long jump and triple jump. After five rounds, just the top four athletes will have a sixth attempt. With the battle for medals intensified, the competition schedule will allow time so that those final-round attempts will be the sole focus of the whole arena at that time.

Athletes in all semi-finals and finals will be introduced on to the field of play one by one, in much the same way that teams are presented at the IAAF World Relays.

Winners of each event will be awarded flowers at the end of their competition before going on a lap of honour. The medal ceremonies will then take place each evening at Pioneers Courthouse Square in the heart of Portland. Effectively a big track and field party with music, food and a live stream of the action, the medallists will be welcomed by a huge crowd every evening.

Before the action kicks off with the pole vault finals on 17 March, the championships will officially get underway with the opening ceremony at 6pm. During the ceremony, a group of 50 children will carry numerous hand flags of each participating federation into the stadium and distribute them to spectators.

With more than 600 of the world’s greatest track and field athletes from more than 150 countries in action, the IAAF World Indoor Championships Portland 2016 promises to be an incredible sporting spectacle. —- IAAF

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