IAAF working group to make recommendation concerning the use of prosthesis

Monaco, April 7, 2016: An IAAF working group studying the generic use of prosthesis in competition by athletes with a disability, specifically the long jump, has been formed following a decision at last month’s IAAF Council Meeting.

The working group, chaired by IAAF General Secretary Jean Gracia, will hold its first meeting on Wednesday 20 April in Monaco.

Representatives from European Athletics (Vadim Nigmatov), German Athletic Federation (Gerhard Janetzky), International Paralympic Committee (Ryan Montgomery), IAAF Athletes Commission (Rozle Prezelj) and IAAF HQ experts (Pierre-Yves Garnier, Huw Roberts, Imre Matrahazi) comprise the working group.

The objective of the working group will be to agree a recommendation for the approval of the IAAF Council regarding IAAF Rule 144.3(d) which governs that athletes using a mechanical aid cannot be allowed to compete at major championships unless they can establish that the use of an aid would not provide them with an overall competitive advantage over an athlete not using such an aid.

The meeting will discuss, debate and consider this Rule as it applies to the long jump, considering and reviewing the criteria necessary for athletes who use prosthesis and want to compete at this year’s European Championships and Olympic Games.

The IAAF Council will make a decision on this subject at their next meeting in June.

IAAF General Secretary Jean Gracia commented: “Council has agreed in March for a working group to study the use of prosthesis in competition. This group will draw upon extensive knowledge from across disability and able-bodied athletics. It is our aim to bring clarity to what is a complex question of technical eligibility as soon as possible so athletes wishing to compete at the European Championships in Amsterdam and at Olympics in Rio are aware of eligibility.” —- IAAF

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