IAAF Ethics Commission members are appointed

Monaco – Mar 13, 2014: Following the approval by the IAAF Congress last year of the IAAF Code of Ethics which came into force on 1 January 2014, the seven members of the IAAF Ethics Commission have been appointed by IAAF Council for a four year term:

Michael BELOFF (GBR) – Chairperson




Tafsir Malick NDIAYE (SEN)



“The IAAF’s adoption of a new Code of Ethics and the appointment of an Ethics Commission are a clear statement of our determination to defend the reputation and credibility of Athletics,” commented IAAF President, Lamine Diack. “The independence of the Commission, which is composed of seven renowned and respected members, and the powers and sanctions available to it are clearly defined by the Code. They signify that corruption will not be tolerated in any form, or at any level, within the global athletics family.”

“I am honoured to share with so distinguished a group responsibility for ensuring that the premier Olympic sport maintains the highest standards of probity in all its activities and so commands the confidence of all who love athletics,” commented IAAF Ethics Commission Chairperson Michael Beloff.

Creation, Composition, Organisation, Appointment and Powers

The preamble to the IAAF Code of Ethics states, “it is an object of the IAAF to safeguard the authenticity and integrity of Athletics and to take all possible measures to eliminate corrupt conduct which might place the authenticity, integrity and reputation of Athletics at risk.”

The IAAF Ethics Commission is an independent judicial body established by the Congress in accordance with Article 5.7 of the IAAF Constitution. Composed of seven members appointed by IAAF Council, three of these members are individuals with a legal background and who also have a significant involvement with sports. Members of the Commission cannot be current members of the IAAF Council nor belong to any other IAAF body. They may be appointed for a maximum of two terms of four years.

One of the seven members has been appointed Chairperson of the Commission by the IAAF Council and the Chairperson will in turn appoint a Deputy Chairperson from amongst the other six members. The Commission will be assisted by a secretary who is independent from the IAAF and appointed by the Chairperson.

A panel of the Commission consisting of at least 3 members appointed by the Chairperson shall conduct hearings to adjudicate on proceedings before it. In exceptional cases, a panel of more than 3 members may be appointed (either 5 or 7 members). Commission hearings shall be confidential, with only the decision of the panel being made public.

The extensive powers of the Commission, which are set out in full in the Code, include its authority to appoint an independent investigator to investigate alleged violations of the Code, to adjudicate whether violations of the Code have been committed (other than violations of the Anti-Doping Rules) and to impose sanctions. Amongst the sanctions at the disposal of the Commission are the authority to caution or censure, to issue fines, to suspend the person (with or without conditions) or expel the person from office, to suspend or ban the person from taking part in any Athletics related activity and to remove any award or other honour bestowed on the person by the IAAF. —- IAAF

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