Ghana’s athletics coach, Djimadoum Rodoum, has got the travel bug

KAZAN – Ghana’s athletics coach, Djimadoum Rodoum, has got the travel bug.

Rodoum is the coach for Ghana’s team of two representatives – 400-meter runner Tchoumegoyo Moussargue and 800-meter athlete Adoum Baliwing. Rodoum, who was once a 400-meter world championships athlete himself has been to all continents for his sport, exploring world cities from Sydney in Australia, to Bangkok in Thailand, to Belgrade in Serbia.

He said meeting new people, food and the lifestyle are the best things about travelling. “I love the food here in Kazan. It’s my favourite,” he said.

Rodoum said he loves running because it has also allowed him to travel, having competed in Bangkok at the 2007 Summer Universiade, and coaching for the last two Summer Universiades in Belgrade and Shenzhen. When asked where he would next like to visit, an enthusiastic Rodoum replied, “I love to travel everywhere!”

Studying to be a lawyer, Rodoum said although he “loved the opening (ceremony),” and that Shenzhen is his favourite city he has travelled to so far. Rodoum, who comes from a family of 13, has his friends to thank for keeping him grounded. He laughed as he explained they “don’t care” that he has been to all corners of the globe.

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