First meeting, first key decisions from the new FIG Executive Committee

Lausanne, Feb 24, 2017: FIG President Morinari Watanabe began to lay out his plans for the development of Gymnastics in announcing the Federation’s new commissions during the first meeting of the new Executive Committee February 21-23 at the FIG Headquarters in Lausanne.

Marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Gymnastics, the EC also agreed to the development of a new FIG discipline.

The other main decision expected from this meeting concerned the nomination of a Technical Coordinator for the FIG. Steve Butcher (USA) will assume this new position, which was adopted in the Statutes by the FIG Congress in October 2016. The role consists of overseeing the technical committees of all disciplines in order to establish greater uniformity of the rules.

“I am delighted with this first meeting, which has been very constructive. We made important decisions concerning the future of Gymnastics, which correspond with my plans to innovate and broaden the base of the sport,” President Watanabe said.

Developing a new discipline
Following a presentation and research into parcours d’obstacles (obstacle course competitions) and parkour, already part of the work of many national gymnastics federations including Sweden, The Netherlands and Belgium, the Executive Committee agreed the development of a related FIG discipline. The Executive Committee has mandated the Presidential Commission to continue the development process.

“The FIG is excited to develop a new discipline based on both historical and contemporary sporting practices, in order to broaden even further the appeal of our sport. The FIG’s work will be based on a clear understanding that parcours d’obstacles, or obstacle course competitions, are necessarily artificial. Meanwhile the FIG deeply respects the development of parkour as a non-competitive training methodology, based on obstacles that were not created as such, and with a particular philosophy emphasising efficiency, usefulness and personal development,” said President Watanabe.

New commissions
The President announced the new commissions charged with piloting the different sectors of activity in the sport and named the people who will head them.

Statutes Commission
President: Morinari Watanabe (JPN), FIG President

Compliance Commission (good governance and ethics)
President: Morinari Watanabe (JPN), FIG President

Innovation Commission
President: Nellie Kim (BLR), FIG Vice President

FIG Ambassador Commission
President: Nellie Kim (BLR), FIG Vice President

Anti-doping, Medical and Scientific Commission
President: Michel Léglise (FRA), FIG Honorary Vice President

Competition Sector – FIG Vice President in charge: Vasily Titov (RUS)

Competition Commission
President: Ron Galimore (USA)

Marketing and TV Rights Commission
President: Martin Reddin (GBR)

Development Sector – FIG Vice President in charge: Luo Chaoyi (CHN)

Education Commission
President: Jani Taskanen (FIN)

Apparatus Commission
President: Ali Al-Hitmi (QAT)

Women in Gymnastics Commission
President: Slava Corn (CAN), FIG Honorary Vice President

Steve Butcher, FIG Technical Coordinator
Upon the proposal of the President, the Executive Committee named Steve Butcher to the position of Technical Coordinator. This new role, provided for in article 25 of the Statutes, has been integrated into the administrative structure of the FIG.

Steve Butcher will take up his new function on March 1, 2017. He has chosen to resign as President of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee, to which he had been re-elected in October for a four-year mandate, to avoid any conflict of interest. With the resignation of Steve Butcher, Arturs Mickevics (LAT) becomes President. —- FIG

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