Michael Hershman announced as Group CEO of the International Centre for Sport Security

By Will Shand, Doha, June 2, 2016: The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has announced the appointment of Michael Hershman, co-founder of Transparency International, as Group CEO.

A globally-respected and highly-decorated leader in the fields of transparency, governance, litigation and security, Michael Hershman joins the ICSS, as it marks its fifth year, to lead, develop and strengthen the organisation to best serve sport in the fields of safety, security and integrity.

In a distinguished international career, Michael Hershman has been honoured every year since 2008 in the Ethisphere Institute’s list of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics Worldwide’. He has also received the Columbia Business School’s 2013 ‘Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics’.

In 2015, Hershman was awarded the ‘Most Influential Person in Security’ Award by the Security Management Magazine and he is a recipient of the ‘Superior Honor Medal’ for his services to the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Michael Hershman steps down from his role as President and CEO of the Fairfax Group, where he advised governments, financial institutions, multi-national corporations and sports governing bodies on transparency, governance and security matters.

He has held a variety of other high-profile positions in both the public and private sector and served as a member of the FIFA Independent Governance Committee and a number of committees within the United States’ Senate and House of Representatives.

Michael Hershman has extensive international experience in the security sector working on several high-profile events – including the Olympic Games and Super Bowls and was recently Chairman of the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission that delivered 142 policy recommendations to the Fairfax County Police Department.

The appointment of Michael Hershman is a significant milestone for the ICSS. Under his leadership, he will review the structure of the ICSS to best maximise the portfolio of services and products in sport safety, security and integrity and to optimise the expertise the ICSS has within the group.

As the new Group CEO, Michael Hershman will also work closely with the founder and President, Mohammed Hanzab to implement an enhanced overall corporate structure to support the further success and growth of the ICSS.

Helmut Spahn, Director General of the ICSS, will remain very much involved with the organisation as a trusted senior advisor on safety and security. Helmut Spahn has worked with Mohammaed Hanzab from the beginning of the ICSS and is a highly-respected expert. The ICSS is delighted that he will continue to provide his invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Making the official announcement at a media conference today, Mohammed Hanzab, Founder and President of the ICSS, said:

“This is a significant day for me and the ICSS. Michael is a highly-respected figure who has operated at the very highest levels in both the security and integrity fields and I am honoured and delighted to have him join as Group CEO at an important period of growth for our organisation.

“With a wealth of experience in leading international public and private organisations and having worked extensively in both the public and private sector, Michael is ideally placed as Group CEO to lead the implementation of the ICSS’s new overall structure.

“Having established the ICSS over five years ago and with the many new safety, security and integrity challenges facing sport, it was the right time to assess how the ICSS can maximise the benefits and expertise we currently offer to our partners, as well as ensuring the organisation has strong foundations for future work with different sectors in the industry and at the service to sport.”

Speaking of his appointment, Michael Hershman, ICSS Group CEO, said:

“Sport is now a fundamental pillar within modern society. It plays a vital role in inspiring millions of people around the world through its positive values.

“Whilst there continue to be many question marks and concerns around the safety, security and integrity of sport, it is vital that sport is united in confronting the many challenges it faces and that organisations across all sectors of the sports industry combine their efforts and work together to help restore trust and confidence in sport.

“As an organisation established to benefit and safeguard sport, the ICSS has huge potential to further its current work supporting governments, law enforcement and other sport governing bodies and to help develop a more consistent, coordinated and global approach to current efforts to safeguard sport.

“As Group CEO, I look forward to strengthening the ICSS’s existing offer and expertise, as well as helping organisations around the world to restore trust and confidence back to sport. We need to bring the values of sport back.” —- ICSS

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