Break through science presented at ECSS Vienna 2016

Vienna, July 28, 2016: A press conference took place on Wednesday, 6th July at the 21st annual congress of the European College of Sport Science (Vienna 2016).

The speakers gave their perspective on the congress ahead and pointed out the highlights. Please find a short summary below. The press conference was chaired by Prof. Stephen Seiler from the ECSS Executive Board.

The ECSS President, Prof. Tim Cable gave a short introduction to the aims and focus of the ECSS and its fundamental purpose of delivering high class science and its application to real life situations.

Prof. Cable also pointed out the development of the ECSS congress, giving credit to the local host of the University of Vienna generating such a great programme for the upcoming four days.

In addition, he mentioned the European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS) as a great platform to publish your findings.

The Congress President Prof. Arnold Baca gave a thoughtful speech about, what is meant by the congress theme “crossing borders through sport science” (Vienna 2016).

He described it through the scientific programme and the plenary sessions in particular, which all focus on the theme from different perspectives. For example, through technology, cultures of nations and globalization.

He pointed out that we are all crossing borders and coming together through the means of sport science.

Prof. Baca also described the ECSS Young Investigator Award (YIA) as a highlight of the congress. From the social programme he mentioned the 2nd ECSS Bengt Saltin Run (Vienna 2016).

The chair of the local scientific committee Prof. Barbara Wessner talked about the importance of a good team that communicates well and leads the success of the congress. Communication is the key in this. She emphasized the good communication between the local host and the ECSS Scientific Committee, Scientific Board and the ECSS office.

She also pointed out that within the scientific programme there are very interesting satellites as well as workshops to attend.

Dr. James Carter presented the Platinum Sponsor Gatorade Sport Science Institute (GSSI) of the ECSS at the press conference. He emphasized the fact that GSSI is led by science and this is how it has to be in the future as well.

He sees that the ECSS congress is fundamental for them in the work they do. Dr. Carter also pointed out that GSSI and ECSS has mutual benefit from the partnership.

Prof. Nicole Wenderoth from the ETH Zurich noted that high class science is being presented at the congress and she talked more about the plenary session “Crossing the limits of impairment – lessons from neuromuscular and cardiovascular function after spinal cord injury”.

She is impressed to see break-through science such as this being presented in Vienna. —- ECSS

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