FINA presents 2013-2016 Development activity report

Lausanne, Jan26, 2017: Development Activity, FINA is pleased to present the FINA Development Programme final report covering activities between 2013 and 2016. The document has been put together to give a clear overview of FINA’s investment and effort towards the development of its aquatic disciplines.

FINA has put in place two distinctive programmes: the Schools and the Clinics which enable officials, judges and referees to be certified to officiate at FINA events such as FINA World Cups and the FINA World Championships.

Aiming to increase the number of Technical Officials, enhance the quality of the existing ones, create a uniform pattern of interpretation and application of rules across all aquatic disciplines and develop and promote aquatics further, the Schools are covering five aquatic disciplines: swimming, open water swimming, synchronised swimming, diving and water polo.

FINA financed and organised, with the help of the participating National Member Federations, a total of 161 Schools over the past four years, benefitting more than 3750 people.

Usually held over a weekend or a long weekend session, the Schools are organised at a central location in order to facilitate and encourage the participation, the programme and the content is created by the respective FINA Technical Committees of each discipline and is continuously updated according to the new aquatic rules. The Schools are run by a panel of 30 experts from more than 20 nationalities.

In addition, also as part of the FINA Development Programme, FINA runs Clinics to train coaches and officials in each of the six aquatic disciplines. Those programmes are tailored to train and educate coaches and officials around the world.

The Clinics’ goal is to provide basic training to coaches and officials of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The Clinics are a platform for the aquatic professionals to develop their skills.

A total of 276 Clinics have been organised since 2013 and 10668 coaches and officials from the five continents have taken part in these.
More details and photos are available here —- FINA

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