IFSC: A break from competition, not the action

France, July 5, 2016: The Bouldering World Cup in Vail has ended and the Speed and Lead World Cup in Chamonix does not begin until July 11. In the meantime, our team remains hard at work.

Since the 11th Plenary Assembly of the IFSC in February, multiple projects have been initiated or finalized.

Competition Innovations World Cup coverage has significantly improved this year.

The innovative drone technology of our modern age has brought an unparalleled perspective to live streaming.

Viewers have also enjoyed slow motion replays of key moments and close -ups of competitors which capture the drama of the events. While Qualifications are not streamed live, short highlight videos simplify the action for fans of sport climbing to view shortly after, along with multiple authentic interviews of elite athletes.

These changes could not have occurred without the help of OBS Medias, who now manages the production of this material.

The broadcasting agency artfully captures the most emotional moments of the season in monthly 26 – minute highlight videos, aired in 135 countries thus far.

Additionally, the English live streaming commentary of Charlie Bosco e would not be enjoyed by thousands of listeners from around the globe without their assistance.

Stay tuned to the IFSC website for streaming of the next event in Chamonix.

Launching of Mobile Website Smartphone users will be happy to know that a new mobile version of the IFSC website has been released.

This platform improves ease of access to IFSC news, competition results, athlete rankings and other key information on the IFSC website.

Perhaps most notably, fans who cannot attend competitions can now take the action with them and watch the live streaming in their hands.

Penceo Collaboration Expands Viewership The IFSC has improved its presence on YouTube with the help of Penceo.

The digital agency in charge of the IFSC YouTube channel continues to attract more views than ever before.

This year, Penceo is producing short videos for each event which promote the live streaming.

Their most recent thrilling trailer introducing the Vail live streaming is a prime example.

As a result of these changes and others, 40 percent more viewers than last year tuned in to YouTube over the first three months of the season and 30 percent more visitors perused the IFSC website.

Updated Athlete Profiles The IFSC continues to catalogue hundreds of its athletes.

These profiles are updated regularly and include basic information, competition results, links to social media and more.

While the athletes take a breather from international climbing competitions, be sure to visit the dedicated athlete section of the IFSC website to discover the diverse personalities comprising the heart of the organization. —- IFSC

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