WADA accepts additional contribution of 150,000

Montreal, Jan 11, 2017: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was pleased to accept an additional contribution of EUR 150,000 (159,544.47 USD) in December from the Government of France. The contribution will be put to good use in support of the Agency’s enhanced investigations into doping in sport.

“WADA is very grateful for this generous donation made by the Government of France,” said Sir Craig Reedie, WADA President. “The gesture is a tangible demonstration of France’s ongoing commitment to partner with WADA to uphold the spirit of sport,” Reedie continued. “On the heels of the now-concluded McLaren Investigation, these additional funds will be put to good use in support of the Agency’s enhanced investigations capacity,” he said. “We’re happy to see that investigations and testing are becoming increasingly interdependent, which is making life much tougher for those who choose to cheat.”

“The Government of France is pleased to support WADA’s investigative work via this additional contribution, which recognizes the quality and impact of the Agency’s independent Pound Commission conducted in 2015 and the McLaren Investigation this past year,” said Patrick Kanner, Ministre de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sports, Government of France. “It is extremely important that WADA is enabled to continue its investigations work, which over the last two years has permitted the Agency to reveal a disturbing level of manipulation, cheating and corruption in sport,” Kenner continued. “France is committed to strengthening the Agency’s ability to combat doping in sport by all means at its disposal; and, believes that investigations have proven themselves key in this regard,” added Thierry Braillard, secrétaire d’Etat aux Sports.

This contribution is additional to France’s 2016 contribution of EUR 710,038, which was increased by EUR 46,210 over 2015; and, to its additional contribution in 2015 of EUR 150,000 towards WADA’s Special Anti-Doping Research Fund.

WADA is also pleased that, in order to support the Agency in combatting international trafficking of doping substances, in September, the Government seconded a French customs agent to the World Customs Organization. —- WADA

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