International artists set to rock Medals Plaza at Innsbruck 2012

Austria, IYOGOCF Press Release Jan 04, 2012: From 14 to 21 January 2012, Innsbruck’s city centre will be transformed into one huge party zone with an action-packed programme at Medals Plaza.

Every evening during the Games, the main stage on Maria-Theresien-Straße will welcome artists ranging from Aura Dione, Patrice, Stereo MCs, Russkaja and Texta to 4-Klang, Jung und Frisch and the angelic tones of the Wilten Boys’ Choir.

Young visitors will have plenty to do during the day-time thanks to the kids’ programme taking place between 12:30 and 14:30, followed by media art, folk music and youth culture taking place from 17:00. Victory Ceremonies for the medallists will be held every evening between 19:00 and 20:00, before international artists rock the stage of the Music Festival presented by Samsung until 22:00.

The final party will be staged on Sunday, 22 January, with the official Closing Ceremony of the Winter Youth Olympic Games held at the Medals Plaza.

The daily Medals Plaza programme:

12:30 − 14:30 – kids’ programme

17:30 − 18:00 − Samsung Media Art

Every evening the Samsung Media Art Exhibition will showcase the work of international media artists as part of the exhibition “Dream_WHITENIGHT”.

18:00 – 19:00 – Tyrolean folklore and folk music

19:00 – 20:00 – Official Victory Ceremonies

20:00 – 22:00 – Music Festival presented by Samsung

Saturday, 14 January, from approx. 17:00 Anton Zapf:

The Munich-based conductor and composer Anton Zapf has composed a number of pop songs with a classic touch based on the theme of ski jumping.

Traditional dancing by the Bezirkstrachtenverband Innsbruck:

The Bezirkstrachtenverband Innsbruck is a collective made up of 35 smaller folklore groups from the local region, specialising in everything from traditional dancing to preserving the old customs, clothing and way of life in Tyrol. Medals Plaza will welcome dancers from several of these groups for a performance of true Tyrolean tradition.

From approx. 20:00


Hamburg-native Patrice has made a name for himself with his unique mix of reggae, soul and funk. Since his first album, ‘Ancient Spirit’, he has created plenty of summer hits such as ‘Everyday good’. In 2008 he performed in front of the Victory Column in Berlin ahead of Barack Obama’s speech in the German capital. His latest album, ‘One’, was released in 2010.

Sunday, 15 January

From approx. 17:00


Since forming the band 4KleeMusig, this quartet of musicians from the Wildschönau region of Tyrol have dedicated themselves to making authentic Tyrolean folk music. Their mix of violin, hammered dulcimer, harp and double bass has won them many fans and even led to them appearing in music competitions and TV shows.


The official Innsbruck 2012 song is called ‘This is our time’ and will be performed by 15-year-old singer EMA from the Zillertal Valley in Tyrol.

YOG Dance:

Dancing is the perfect way to combine sport and culture. The YOG Dance gives young people interested in dancing the chance to create their own steps and moves with renowned choreographer Ömer Erdogdu. The end product – the YOG Dance – has already been a huge hit at the events where it has been performed ahead of the Games.

From approx. 20:00


Weekly appearances on the Austrian top TV show ‘Willkommen Österreich’, hosted by comedy duo Stermann & Grissemann, mean that Russkaja are already a household name. Live performances of their very own brand of ‘Russian Voodoo’ (the name of their latest album) promise everything from world jazz to polka beats and post-modern folk music. But, above all, Russkaja concerts mean one thing – get on those dancing shoes!

Monday, 16 January

from approx. 17:00

Youth Fashion Festival:

Pupils from Ferrarischule fashion school in Innsbruck will showcase the latest youth fashion trends, with over 200 designs representing 24 different styles – everything from emo to hippie – created using no less than two kilometres of fabric!

from approx. 20:00

SK Invitational feat. Texta:

Founded by bassist Stephan Kondert, SK Invitational is a 16-strong collective made up of musicians from all four corners of Austria sharing a common passion for live hip-hop. The group has been nominated for an Amadeus Award, the top music award in Austria, and saw its 2010 album ‘Raw Glazed’ selected as a prestigious Album of the Week by popular youth radio station FM4. The collective will be supported by the Linz-based band Texta at their performance in Innsbruck.

Tuesday, 17 January

from approx. 17:00

Stadtmusikkapelle Allerheiligen:

Stadtmusikkapelle Allerheiligen is an Innsbruck-based brass band specialised in training up-and-coming musicians – which explains why so many of the band are youngsters – and the members of the Stadtmusikkapelle Allerheiligen traditionally also include many exchange students from around the globe.

Bezirkstrachtenverband Innsbruck:

See programme description for Saturday, 14 January

from approx. 20:30

Friska Viljor supported by Nihils:

The Swedish music duo Friska Viljor had their big breakthrough five years ago, and their latest album ‘The Beginning of the Beginning of the End’ was released in 2011. They will be supported in Innsbruck by the Tyrolean group Nihils.

Wednesday, 18 January

from approx. 17:00

Brauchtumsgruppe Mühlau:

The Brauchtumsgruppe Mühlau was officially created in 1974 with the aim of preserving the tradition of creating and parading intricately carved wooden masks during the carnival period in January and February. In fact, 2010 saw the group organise the first traditional masked parade in the St. Nikolaus area of Innsbruck in over 30 years, proving that this is a tradition which is still very much alive thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Brauchtumsgruppe Mühlau.

from approx. 20:30

Stereo MCs:

It’s hard to believe that the London-based duo Stereo MCs were founded way back in 1985! Since then they have had a number of internationally successful hits, including ‘Connected’ (1992) and ‘Deep down and dirty’ (2001). Still headed by the ever-youthful singer Rob Birch, the Stereo MCs show absolutely no sign of slowing down and continue to rock the party wherever they perform.

Thursday, 19 January

from approx. 17:00


4klang is a music collective featuring the brothers Hubert and Toni from the Wildschönau region of Tyrol and the sister duo Tina and Christina from Aurach near Kitzbühel. Since its foundation over ten years ago, the group has performed at numerous events across Austria.


See programme description from Sunday, 15 January

from approx. 20:30

Tanz Baby!

The Austrian duo David and Mu – aka Tanz Baby! – have been making music since 2004 using anything and everything they can get their hands on – including an original 1970s Bontempi electronic organ! With lyrics harking back to the traditional Austrian 70s and 80s hits about passion, desire and love in the city, Tanz Baby! are a blast from the past with a modern twist!

Kommando Elefant.

Vienna-based band Kommando Elefant have been regulars on the Austrian pop scene since 2004 and are a favourite with listeners of youth radio station FM4. From electro party to melancholic ballads, piano to synth – Kommando Elefant have been playing concerts, parties and festivals throughout Austria and beyond for years and are now set to rock the Music Festival presented by Samsung at the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games.

Friday, 20 January

from approx. 17:00

Wilten Boys’ Choir:

The Wilten Boys’ Choir is one of the oldest and most famous boys’ choirs in Europe. The choir of the imposing Wilten Basilica in the south of the city was founded in the 13th century and has close ties to the equally famous Vienna Boys’ Choir. Today, around 160 boys sing in the individual choirs which make up the Wilten Boys’ Choir, whose repertoire ranges from traditional church hymns to songs and operas by composers from Alpine regions.

from approx. 20:30

Kaizers Orchestra hosted by FM4:

For over ten years now, Kaizers Orchestra have been honing their skills as experts for indie rock with a Scandinavian touch. However, there is one thing which makes them somewhat different from the numerous other famous indie bands from Europe’s far north – the language. Almost all of their songs are in Norwegian, making them almost the only internationally successful band from their country to sing in their native language. When it comes to musical influences, the Kaizers Orchestra will name a wide range of different styles, from Tom Waits to traditional gypsy music and even punk rock!

Saturday, 21 January

from approx. 17:00

Jung und Frisch:

The three 18-year-olds who make up Jung und Frisch – Katharina, Anna and Katharina – have already appeared on TV a number of times, including several performances on legendary Austrian folk music show ‘Mei liabste Weis’. The trio are set to record their second CD in January 2012 with their unique mix of accordions, violin, harp and singing.

from approx. 20:30

Aura Dione:

The 26-year-old Danish singer Aura Dione is most famous for her smash hit ‘I will love you Monday’, which dominated the airwaves across Europe in 2011. With her mix of pop, folk and electro, Dione has often been compared to stars such as Feist, Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain. Accompanied by an eclectic range of instruments on-stage (everything from banjos to toy pianos), Aura Dione concerts are always a breath of fresh air!

Sunday, 22 January, From 17:00 – official Closing Ceremony

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