IMMAF MMA coach licensing course pilots in Dublin

London, July 5, 2017: On July 15 a second pilot of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Coaches Licensing Course will take place in Dublin, Ireland, home to the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association MMA licensing-course-pilots.

John Kavanagh, IMMAA President and IMMAF Coaching Committee representative, stated:

“I’m very pleased to have played a part in helping put together and deliver the 1st IMMAF Coach Licencing course in Dublin next month. This is a big step forward for MMA in Ireland, and worldwide, on its journey for government level recognition.

Having an internationally recognised and standardised course gives assurance to people wanting to learn MMA that they’ll be able to learn in a safe and fun MMA environment.”

The MMA Talent Pathway and Development System – Coaches Licensing Course underwent its initial pilot launch on February 25 & 26 in Suffolk, UK.

The course comprised the first of 4 proposed modules and was attended by delegates from national federations under IMMAF, from the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Cyprus. Attendees also included representatives from IMMAF’s Coaching Committee, who were invited to review and assess the syllabus.

Official qualification as a certified IMMAF Coach and Education Development Officer can only be achieved by coaches registered with their national federation.

The qualification has been developed and administered by the IMMAF Coaching Committee consisting of representatives from Portugal, France, Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and Italy.

The role of the Coaching Committee is to develop safe progression pathways for participants in MMA, whether recreational or competitive, from beginner level all the way through to elite professional. The committee is responsible for developing protocol and education for the coaching of MMA.

Course candidates in Dublin will receive the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of:

– Equal opportunities, ethics and fair play in MMA
– The health benefits and risks associated with MMA and physical activity
– The fundamental principles relating to nutrition, psychology, anatomy and physiology in MMA
– The MMA coaching process
– Learning to use IMMAF’s Progression Syllabus
– How to record grades on
– How to plan and deliver a range of MMA coaching sessions
– How to apply the rules of MMA
– How to evaluate and improve personal coaching practice/performance.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown stated:

“Coach training and licensing is an essential factor in the development and regulation of MMA. MMA boasts a wealth of excellent, world class coaches but through its history the sport has been lacking a formal process for certifying those who will be responsible for the coaching and safety of youth participants and future generations.

We are here to set a unique, universal standard for coaches licensing, which is an essential obligation for any recognised sport and its governing body.” —- IMMAF

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